interior design 1210x423 - How VR Technology is Changing the Home Design Process

How VR Technology is Changing the Home Design Process

Ever since the birth of virtual reality, augmented reality devices are becoming more and more common, with new applications being discovered every day. Other than recreational use in video games and television, there are also shopping and design applications for augmented and virtual reality devices and programs. One of the most exciting applications for this technology is using it for interior design.

With the ease of a simple app, you can rework an entire room of your home without actually buying and placing items in real life. Now, you can play around with new ideas and visualize furniture pieces in your home without actually committing to anything—now that’s exciting. Here’s a look at using tech to redecorate your house.

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Interior Design

augmented design - How VR Technology is Changing the Home Design Process

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By utilizing a combination of augmented and virtual reality, you can quickly make alterations to a room—switch up the furniture arrangement, paint colors, and other essential design elements, such as lighting features.

This virtual environment makes it easy to visualize the look of your space, and you can make quick comparisons between different possible designs. Virtual reality programs can be used to allow homeowners to compare different paint colors for the interior walls of their home—helping them to identify the color they like best in their space. Then, before making final purchases, you can play around with the furniture until you find something that suits the room and your sense of style.

Commercial Design Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Augmented reality tools can also be used to show prospective homebuyers how the property could look after they move in. Here, the virtual environment makes it easier for buyers to see themselves living in the space, so they can make informed purchasing decisions moving forward.

These tools can also be used to allow designers to compare different ideas and decide which are better suited to the space in question. These and other applications of virtual reality can be used to significant effect by interior decorators and others in the industry to help bridge the gap between imagination and reality—creating a design that suits the space perfectly.

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The Bottom Line

As technology continues to improve, more applications of these tools will inevitably be discovered and invented. Whether it’s in the form of interior design apps or sophisticated software for commercial contractors, virtual and augmented reality tools can be used to great effect when it comes time to redecorate and remodel or home.

Instead of having to repaint a room, rearrange furniture, and find new decorative pieces to accent the room, virtual reality tools can save time, money, and frustration by making it possible to do all these things quickly and easily.

While VR technology can help you visualize changes to your home, you’ll still need someone to step in and make these changes in the real world. Ready to take the next steps in the design process? Reach out to us at Jaworski Painting.

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These Double-Duty Paints Do More Than Just Look Pretty

These Double-Duty Paints Do More Than Just Look Pretty

Painting walls has been part of human behavior for 100,000 years. Paint tells the story of our travel through time, and allows us to express our personal style in amazing ways. More than just a pretty face, most modern paints have been rendered free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), and can be engineered to pull double-duty in a variety of ways.

Mood Enhancement

The colors you choose have a marked effect on moods and attitudes. Red and orange are invigorating colors that raise heart rates, blood pressure, and appetites. Yellow evokes sunshine, optimism, hope, and happiness. Blues and greens are cool, calming, and soothing. The intensity and quantity of color (whole wall coverage versus accents) will set the tone for each space and its intended activities.


Giving kids a place to vent (and sometimes spill) their creative juices saves a lot of time and frustration. Chalkboard paint provides a designated canvas for kids to release their inner Picasso. A high quality gloss or semi-gloss paint, in other-than-white, offers a tough, washable surface. Some paint is even infused with Teflon, so artwork practically slides off the wall, onto a sponge. Luminous, phosphorescent, or glow-in-the-dark paint, "collects" light and emits a greenish glow when the light source is removed. It can provide a soothing night light or soft lighting for a midnight trip down the hall.

Fire Safety

Fire retardant or intumescent paint, swells when heated, creating an insulating layer that does not conduct heat well. It may be tinted to match any décor, and dries with an "orange-peel" texture. Used on walls, doors, or ceilings, it offers flame protection for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes, depending on product rating. Keep in mind that fire retardant paint isn’t enough for full fire safety — protecting your home with heat-sensing smoke alarms offers advanced fire detection.

Quality Assurance

Halochrome compounds are added to paint, giving it a pink tint that dries white, ensuring there are no gaps in multi-layered coverage.

Accent and Illusion

Paint can be used to direct attention or movement in a room, as well as to make it look bigger. Strategic use of color can draw the eye to an object or feature, or create illusions of light. The trompe l'oeil technique — literally translated as "trick the eye" — visually creates three dimensional space on a flat surface.


Today's paints create a brighter outlook on multiple levels. More than just a facelift, a good paint job is sound investment as a protectant, a preservative, and an energy saver.

The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

The Best Paint Colors for Wood Floors

There is certainly something to be said for the warmth and richness of a hardwood floor. It’s a mainstay in the flooring world for a reason. And with an increasingly wide array of wood choices, from bamboo, to walnut, to exotic hardwoods, homeowners are able to bring a whole new look and feel to any space. But what paint colors go best with that new or existing wood floor? There really is an art to choosing the perfect color; here are a few tips when it comes to picking paint to accent those gorgeous hardwoods.

Lighter Stained Woods

Bamboo is becoming extremely popular. And with the lighter look of bamboo or any other such hardwood, you want to be careful in choosing your wall color. Yes, many people love that bold, richness that comes with dark reds, deep purples or chocolate browns, but will the blonde colored flooring hold up?

Generally, a lighter wood floor is going to go a long way toward creating an airy, more spacious feel. Weighing it down with a heavy color could mar this effect. Perhaps the best way to go to really help that new flooring standout and create the statement that it should, is to keep your palette light and airy as well. Whites, beiges, light greys, all work tremendously well with light stained woods.

Mid Range Color Wood

In this category you will most often find species such as red oak and cherry. They definitely tend to be of a warmer nature. You therefore want your wall color to respond in kind. That is to say, if you wish to carry this warm effect throughout the entire space, go for a paint with a similar base as the floor—reds, yellows, brown or orange undertones.

On the flip side, you might also be looking for contrast. Here is where you might opt for cooler shades such as light greens or blues to really play against the warmer floor tones and thus create a spectacular contrast.

Darker Hardwoods

We get to the walnuts, mahoganies and some of the more exotic species in this dark category. Here you can really go a variety of ways. A dark floor often acts as a neutral; meaning, anything goes. So feel free to have some fun with it.

Keep in mind however, if you do choose to put a dark color on the walls, the entire room may feel a bit heavy. Just be mindful of creating balance when choosing your color.

We would love to help you select the perfect color to go with your wood flooring. Our design consultants are available to review swatches and even come out and take a look at the current space to offer professional insight. Call today for your free consultation!

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2018 color trends

The Hottest Color Trends for 2018

The Hottest Color Trends for 2018

2018 color trends

With the new year comes a brand new outlook on, well, just about everything. One of the most popular improvements for the new year, repainting. There’s nothing like starting off with a fresh new look for your home. Give a room more vibrancy, more life, make it a place the family loves to congregate. So what colors should you be looking at as we enter 2018 and you strive to makeover a tired and otherwise drab space…Here ae a few suggestions regarding the new year’s hottest new colors.

Bolder is Better

People aren’t afraid of venturing into new paint territory. Beiges and whites are certainly fine, but if you really want to create that WOW effect, how about a bolder choice. Deep reds are definitely daring—giving your room instant warmth and instant flair.

Or what about a bright, more electrifying blue. If contrasted with clean white trim and more neutral accessories, a standout blue shade could really turn a room around.

Getting Back To Nature

Just as the world seems to be going “green,” so are paint colors for 2018. It’s all about true earth tones—not merely sedate attempts at such colors. Paint manufacturers are mimicking that verdant green, or the honeyed browns, the golden sun-kissed tones. Nature is making a designer come back in a major way in the new year!

Go-to Grays

Grey has always been a big color and this coming year, it’s getting even bigger. Now more and more homeowners are experimenting with various shades of this not-really-neutral tone. Yes, gray does go with just about anything, but it also holds its own on the color wheel. If you’re not sure about a particular shade for a particular room, there are a world of grays to explore.

Fashion Forward

As the fashion world goes, so do paint colors. 2018’s palette of choice also involves soothing, verging-on the-brink-of-pastel tones. The sea foams, the lavenders and the corals are all trending but in an updated and fresh new way. A great color scheme for creating an ultra restful bedroom.

Whatever direction you want to head with your paint colors come 2018, we’re here to help! Our design consultants would be happy to provide a free consultation as you look to spruce up your space as the new year approaches.

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gray living room

Picking the Perfect Gray: So Many Choices

Gray is trending. And why wouldn’t it be…

gray living room

Gray is a neutral color that still possesses the subtleties of shading, tone and depth. Not to mention, gray goes with just about anything. Homeowners are certainly falling in love with the color—but then comes the tough part, which shade of gray is right for your home?

From charcoal gray, to silver gray, to near white gray, the possibilities are seemingly endless. So how do you know which gray is right for your particular project? We’ve helped a number of clients sort through the kaleidoscope of grays out there in anticipation of a room remodel. What we have discovered is that the shade of gray chosen is dependent on personal preference, the amount of light a room gets, the furnishing and décor going into that room, and even the overall function of the room.

Assessing Your Light Situation

Does the room being painted have a ton of natural light streaming in? It’s important to evaluate the lighting situation prior to selecting your gray of choice. Generally, if your room does have an abundance of light, the gray that you put on the walls will appear rather “cool” during the day. If this is the effect that you want, then choose a shade that really plays up those cool undertones. If however, you want a warmer feel, then you might wish to select a gray that tends toward the beige end of the spectrum.

Light versus Dark

The intensity of the gray you choose will certainly make a big difference in the overall feel and look of the room. If you really want that essential “grayness,” perhaps go for something a bit darker in nature. Whereas if you are only looking for hints and whispers of gray, you might want to steer toward lighter shades that are more neutral in appearance.

What Else is in the Room

Some people want to work with what’s already in the room. So with a living room for example, the couches, areas rugs, and other such furnishings and accessories will all factor into your choice of gray. This is why swatches are truly a wonderful invention. Grab a bunch, put them next to your furniture. See what works and what shades to avoid all together.

Gray is a very hot color, and fortunately, a timeless one! We would love to help determine which gray might be the best choice for your room makeover. Call today for your free consultation and let’s select that perfect shade for your home!

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kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing

Choosing a Color When Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets: Not as Easy as it Might Seem!

Choosing a Color When Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets: Not as Easy as it Might Seem!

kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing

You’re looking to brighten up your kitchen. You want to totally recreate the space, but you want to do it on a budget. Are such transformation dreams impossible? Not at all—kitchen cabinet refinishing can help reinvigorate this most essential room in the house, dramatically transform the way your kitchen looks, and allow you to do so on a budget.

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to cabinet refinishing: picking that perfect color. There are actually a couple of different ways you can go here, paint or stain. If you love that natural look and feel of wood, if you want to be daily mesmerized by the wood grain, then re-staining is probably your best bet. Whereas, if you want to go a little less traditional and perhaps a bit bolder in terms of integrating an actual color, then investigating paint possibilities might be a better choice for you.

Painting Your Cabinets: Bright and Bold

How about a red kitchen? A calming sea blue color? You can also always go with the never out of date and ever chic white or its numerous variants. When painting your cabinetry, you literally have a near endless array of colors from which to choose. Keep in mind, this is a fairly long-term change, you therefore want to give it some careful thought and try and look at the big picture.

It’s important to choose a color that you can live with (for awhile at least). Go to your local home store and grab a few swatches—grab hundreds if you need. Ponder these for a bit and see which colors draw your eye the most. The key to a great cabinet paint color is to select a shade that complements your own design tastes, that won’t be considered dated (case in point: that avocado green or electric orange of old), and that goes well with your appliances, furnishings and general décor.

When Staining is the Way to Go

Some people simply love the look of wood. Wood kitchen cabinets are traditional for a reason after all. There are still a variety of tones and shades and finishes from which to choose when res-staining your cabinets. Much as with painting, you have to select an option that suits your personal style

If you really want to highlight the nuances and richness of the wood grain, the perhaps a more natural finish. Some people love deep dark wood colors, especially given that contrast they can potentially provide. And still others prefer a cleaner more modern stain solution.

Whichever cabinet color you choose, we know that you will be amazed at how your cabinet facelift completely transforms your kitchen. We’d love to review your options and help you add new life to the heart of your home. Call today for your free estimate!

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kitchen cabinet painting

Keep Your Cabinets Looking Beautiful

Keep Your Cabinets Looking Beautiful: Tips on Caring for Newly Painted Cabinets!

kitchen cabinet painting

Your kitchen is looking chef’s-dream perfect! You’ve made the wise choice to have your cabinets repainted and thus update the look of the space without spending tens of thousands on brand new cabinetry. Same incredible effect, much easier on the budget. Now the trick is to keep the gorgeous new color and sheen of your freshly painted cabinets. Caring for newly painted wood, whether furniture, cabinets or any other such surface, really is about simply taking the time to follow some basic guidelines and also avoid a few definite no-no’s.

We’ve certainly dealt with our share of cabinet maintenance and finish preservation issues. So here are a few tips and ideas from the pros for keeping the paint finish on your redone kitchen cabinetry looking spectacular!

  • Take care of spots and stains right after they occur. This is an important one! The longer you let a stain or spill sit on the surface of a freshly painted cabinet, the more difficult it will be to remove. You also risk having a permanent mark of some sort or discoloration as a result of letting a stain go for too long before wiping it away.
  • Use mild products when wiping down cabinets. Using anything too harsh or chemical laden will inevitably mar the finish. A mild detergent will remove just about any stain or dirtied area without causing any issues. You could even use just a cloth dampened with water and maybe a drop of dish soap for more stubborn spills.
  • Avoid an abrasive cloth, towel, sponge etc…You want to use a gentle and soft cloth on your newly painted cabinets. And also make sure that prior to wiping down the surface, the cloth that you are using is clean and not harboring any grainy or hard particles. These can scratch the finish and ultimately ruin the look of your cabinetry.
  • Do not leave cabinets wet. When you are cleaning your cabinets, it’s very important that you wipe down the surface and then dry it. Leaving moisture sitting on painted wood for prolonged periods of time can cause issues such as bubbling, peeling and discoloration.

Your newly redone cabinets can maintain their amazing appearance for years to come! It really is all about how you take care of them. And as you can see, the cleaning of your cabinets comes down to the basics. A little forethought and just a touch more extra care and that finish will continue to stun!

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pic6 960x423 - 3 Ways That Vacations Makes Us Better House Painters

3 Ways That Vacations Makes Us Better House Painters

3 Ways That Vacations Makes Us Better House Painters

We love painting, but we love vacations even more! We love vacations because they give us inspirational painting ideas. When you step away from the daily grind of life and give yourself a break, you gain perspective. Plus, you experience new things, relax, and have some fun. All of this translates into new ideas for what you love to do, and for us, that is house painting. In that light, we thought we would share some ways vacations inspire us to come up with new ideas for house painting and how it may inspire you as well in your painting endeavors.

pic5 - 3 Ways That Vacations Makes Us Better House Painters

First, let’s agree on one point: vacations are important. We advocate that anyone take some sort of vacation, whether it is a day trip or a week-long cruise. According to Psychology Today, “Vacations have the potential to break into the stress cycle. We emerge from a successful vacation feeling ready to take on the world again. We gain perspective on our problems, get to relax with our families and friends, and get a break from our usual routines.” Breaking the stress cycle can help to avoid illness and mental issues. You deserve a break and to be well, so take a vacation. With that said, let's look at how vacations inspire us.

Crystallize Our Thoughts

When we take a vacation, we allow ourselves to put those pressing worries and thoughts about our projects on our mind’s back burner while we melt into the vacation. What happens with those thoughts is they eventually crystallize into solid ideas and we gain mental clarity. For example, we may be unsure about starting a new venture, and we allow ourselves to put the notion in the background while we vacation. When we come back from vacation, we have a clearer idea of what to do. If you cannot calm your worrying while away to let this happen, read seven ways to do so here.

pic6 300x212 - 3 Ways That Vacations Makes Us Better House Painters

Gain an Appreciation for What Matters

When we are not house painting and we are relaxing, we often gain renewed insight into what matters. For us, passion, quality, and people matter most. Oftentimes, we can get caught up in deadlines and the minutiae of business. Taking a vacation allows us to rediscover our passion, focus on quality, and focus on the people we love interacting with. We think this is one of the best reasons to vacation. It helps you rediscover who you are and what your priorities are.

Gain Inspiration from Our Location

In real estate, you often hear how important location is. The same is true for house painting. Location can determine type of paint used, patterns, color, and so much more. But, the location that inspires us most is the one we vacation in. We find new local and cultural things that may provide inspiration for new ideas. We see different houses, old and new, that make us go ‘wow’. We find ways to get inspired and bring that back to our work.

The next time you go on vacation, just remember how good it is for your well-being, then imagine how exciting it might be to discover something new. Let thoughts form and gain inspiration for your next house painting project. Call us today to learn more about how vacationing makes us better house painters.

pic 1210x423 - 3 Influential Women Painters We Love

3 Influential Women Painters We Love

3 Influential Women Painters We Love

Abstract Painting

According to, 49.6 percent of the world’s population is comprised of women. We love this stat! We realize that the world of house painting is mostly made up of men. This is an unfortunate reality, but that doesn’t mean we think women in painting don’t matter. In fact, if it weren’t for women, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to paint for a living. Women were not only the reason many painters painted but also the influence behind a lot of paintings. You can watch this video to see 500 women featured in Western art. We wanted to show our appreciation to women painters by highlighting a few important women who helped pave the way for people everywhere to paint art and houses alike.

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

Vigée Le Brun was born in Paris, France and lived from 1755 to 1842. She is best known as a portrait painter during the decadent Rococo period. As Queen Marie Antoinette’s personal portrait painter, she painted the queen, and sometimes her family, over 30 times. Vigée Le Brun’s legacy includes 660 portraits and 200 landscapes.

pic 237x300 - 3 Influential Women Painters We Love

Queen Marie Antoinette of France

Vigée Le Brun’s artistic legacy is not something that is only praised today. Unlike most women in art in her time, she was famous. When she and her daughter fled France during the onset of the French Revolution, they traveled throughout Europe. In Europe, aristocrats knew and welcomed her, allowing her to continue painting in her signature style. They made it all the way to Russia, where she eventually painted beautiful portraits of Queen Catherine and her daughters.





Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt lived from 1844 to 1926. She was born in Pennsylvania, and she is best known as an impressionist who focused on women, children, and motherhood as subjects for her work.

pic 2 300x221 - 3 Influential Women Painters We Love


Cassatt studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She was determined to make a career out of painting. In 1866, she moved to France. At the time, women could not attend art school, so she took private lessons instead. In 1868, Cassatt’s work The Mandolin Player was selected for the Paris Salon, the official art exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts. She was one of the first American women to be accepted into the exhibit.

She left France in 1870 in order to avoid the Franco-Prussian War. She was able to return to Europe after being commissioned by the archbishop of Pittsburgh to paint copies of the master painter known as Correggio in Parma, Italy.

Georgia O'Keeffe

It’s hard to imagine Southwest American imagery or abstract flowers without thinking of Georgia O’Keeffe, who lived from 1887 to 1986. Originally from Wisconsin, this Midwestern artist studied painting at the Art Institute of Chicago in the early 20th century. There she trained in the mimetic tradition, in which art imitates or represents nature. She was ultimately unsatisfied with her work in this theory and ceased to paint in this style of art.

pic 3 251x300 - 3 Influential Women Painters We Love

Blue and Green

It wasn’t until she studied under Arthur Wesley Dow that she was inspired to turn away from realism. She decided to experiment with interpreting the world around her through an abstract lens. She is noted as being one of the first American artists to break away from realism in this way and herald a new age of American art in the form of pure abstraction.

In 1916, a friend of hers showed some of her work to art dealer Alfred Stieglitz. He exhibited her work at his gallery 291. This kicked off her career as the artist we know today.

O’Keeffe’s work ranged from organic subjects, like close-ups and abstractions of flowers, to man-made structures, like the buildings of New York where she lived and worked. Interestingly, much of her flower-centric work is regarded as also depicting female genitalia, though O’Keeffe herself rejected these interpretations.

Whether intentional or not, O’Keeffe was a trendsetter because her work coincided with artistic trends, including flowers and American modernism initially and landscapes and regional scenes later on in her career. She painted without assistance well into her 80s; and when her eyesight failed her, she worked with assistants and started creating well-loved motifs from her memory.

Other influential women painters worth learning about are listed below.

Frida Kahlo
Catharina Van Hemessen
Beatrix Potter

We owe a great deal to the women who influenced painting as we know it. Without them, we would not be able to paint in certain patterns or tell stories through certain styles of art. They took great risks to chase their dreams and were regarded as controversial figures because it was tough to be a woman and make it as a painter. For this, we owe them a debt of gratitude. Contact us to learn more about other famous women painters.

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Elegant green living room ideas interior design Interior Design Photos chic lime green living room wall painted added 1210x423 - Tips for Painting and Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Tips for Painting and Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Tips for Painting and Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Elegant green living room ideas interior design Interior Design Photos chic lime green living room wall painted added 1030x687 - Tips for Painting and Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is your escape from the world. It’s where you go to relax, read, watch TV, and close the door to the noise in your home or life. It’s the one place in a house that can make or break whether you buy it or not. This is a room that matters to you, and you want it to look and feel a certain way. You want it to feel relaxing and inviting. You want to keep it fresh and original that aligns with your personality. But, how do you accomplish this? Well, that’s why we are here. We are going to share some tips to paint and decorate your master bedroom we think will make it great.

Choosing the Right Paint

According to HGTV, “Today's master bedroom suites are typically larger than the other bedrooms in your home, so you have many options, and you can combine and layer colors to create a unique look.” This means you will have more than enough options to choose from when it comes to paint. When thinking about paint for this room, think about the mood you want to create. Green, for example, is a popular color for bedrooms because it is warm and cool. And, there are a wide range of tints. But, if you want to set a darker tone, you can go black. If you want something inspiring, you can choose yellow. Or, you could choose different layers and patterns of colors to get a mix of moods for different parts of the bedroom.


Mattresses can last 5 - 20 years depending on the type you choose and how much use it gets. Hey, keep your thoughts clean over there. We are talking about how much sleeping you do on the mattress. This is just one of several pieces of furniture you will have in your special room. Therefore, you want to ensure it is comfortable and durable. This is where you may choose to spend a little more money to ensure you get the quality and durability you deserve. One more note on bedrooms. We know some people cannot fall asleep without the TV on. But, there is a good reason to not put a TV in the bedroom. The chief reason is that watching TV in bed makes it hard to get high quality sleep.


When planning out your master bedroom, consider going for a theme. As you see in the image at the start of this post, that room is more rustic and woodsy. It gives a more natural feel. Perhaps you want a room that makes you feel like you are on a beautiful island or a special place you love. The sky's the limit, so get creative.

Portion Control

Depending on the size of your room, you may choose to have different parts within the room itself. You may have a sitting area for reading and a different area for dressing and undressing. You may choose to have an ottoman or chest at the foot of the bed for storage and sitting. Consider how you want to break up your space and create portions. Then you can make each portion truly its own with different paints and accessories to help one part feel different than the other. It will be like having a mini apartment in the house.

Bring the Outdoors In

This is great for any bedroom, especially smaller bedrooms. If you have access to the outside through a window, frame the window so you can see the view. Use drapery panels and window treatments that make the view look that much better. Plus, do not let the drapes touch the floor. This gives your eyes a place to stop. You want your eyes to make a connection from the inside to the outside with nothing to get in the way.


Other Ideas:

  • Add real or painted horizontal wood panels to make the room feel bigger

  • Hang strategically placed art to make the space feel expansive

  • Take full advantage of high ceilings and choose a tall bed to anchor the room

  • Emphasize one or two items with bold colors to take your attention off any undesirable features in the room. (Great when you want to ignore your spouse after a fight!)

  • Use patterns to give the room a different flow

    You are all set to turn your master bedroom into a masterpiece. You can now make it the place you dreamed of when you close the door. It’s a great getaway without having to buy a plane ticket. Contact us today for more ideas on decorating this centerpiece in your home.


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