Choosing a Color When Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets: Not as Easy as it Might Seem!

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You’re looking to brighten up your kitchen. You want to totally recreate the space, but you want to do it on a budget. Are such transformation dreams impossible? Not at all—kitchen cabinet refinishing can help reinvigorate this most essential room in the house, dramatically transform the way your kitchen looks, and allow you to do so on a budget.

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to cabinet refinishing: picking that perfect color. There are actually a couple of different ways you can go here, paint or stain. If you love that natural look and feel of wood, if you want to be daily mesmerized by the wood grain, then re-staining is probably your best bet. Whereas, if you want to go a little less traditional and perhaps a bit bolder in terms of integrating an actual color, then investigating paint possibilities might be a better choice for you.

Painting Your Cabinets: Bright and Bold

How about a red kitchen? A calming sea blue color? You can also always go with the never out of date and ever chic white or its numerous variants. When painting your cabinetry, you literally have a near endless array of colors from which to choose. Keep in mind, this is a fairly long-term change, you therefore want to give it some careful thought and try and look at the big picture.

It’s important to choose a color that you can live with (for awhile at least). Go to your local home store and grab a few swatches—grab hundreds if you need. Ponder these for a bit and see which colors draw your eye the most. The key to a great cabinet paint color is to select a shade that complements your own design tastes, that won’t be considered dated (case in point: that avocado green or electric orange of old), and that goes well with your appliances, furnishings and general décor.

When Staining is the Way to Go

Some people simply love the look of wood. Wood kitchen cabinets are traditional for a reason after all. There are still a variety of tones and shades and finishes from which to choose when res-staining your cabinets. Much as with painting, you have to select an option that suits your personal style

If you really want to highlight the nuances and richness of the wood grain, the perhaps a more natural finish. Some people love deep dark wood colors, especially given that contrast they can potentially provide. And still others prefer a cleaner more modern stain solution.

Whichever cabinet color you choose, we know that you will be amazed at how your cabinet facelift completely transforms your kitchen. We’d love to review your options and help you add new life to the heart of your home. Call today for your free estimate!

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