How Can I Create Cozy Luxury in My Living Room?

Creating a cozy and luxurious living room sanctuary is a snap when you incorporate the perfect combination of soothing elements. Sofas resplendent with plush pillows and soft throws invite you to relax and enjoy the warmth and opulent beauty of your surroundings as the soft glow of delicious smelling candles sweetly accentuates the richness of your new space. Design the cozy living room of your dreams with the following fantastic ideas.

Plush Furniture

Furniture that you can melt into is the foundation for luxurious living, and knowing just how much furniture to integrate into your space ensures that you’ll select pieces that fit wonderfully without overdoing it. Measuring your living room and deciding what types of furniture will be functional and provide you with the cozy haven you desire can get you going in the right direction. A sweet loveseat or papasan chair with plush pillows works remarkably well for small spaces. A larger area benefits from a lovely sectional that can offer a cushy embrace to every member of the family on movie night.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are marvelous accents that draw the color scheme of your living room together and can beautifully cover large or small spaces. When selecting a rug, consider the size, color and pattern of the area rug you are looking at as it compares to the rest of the room you’re adding it to. Once you’ve figured out what kind of rug is best for your space, lay it out to double-check that it matches the size of the area and color you want to accentuate. Floor coverings create comfy, quiet and luxurious spaces and are fantastic for noise reduction, as they balance the acoustics of the room.


Scented Candles

The wonderful allure of scented candles simply cannot be resisted. Introducing your favorite scents to your living space adds a decadent and mysterious quality that enhances its cozy and luxurious atmosphere. Selecting candles that match or highlight the colors of your living room and scents that enhance its ambiance keeps the welcoming mood you’ve created going throughout the year. Make sure to keep burning candles away from all objects, wall coverings and pieces of furniture that could easily ignite to safeguard your comfy retreat.


Your living room is the heart of your home. Plush furniture, beautifully scented candles and accented floors with coordinating area rugs allow you to relax and enjoy the cozy luxury you’ve created in your living room.

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