How to Select the Right Furniture for Your Living Room

Your living room furniture will see a lot of use, so make sure the fabrics are durable and will serve your household well. Cool leather may be comfortable for some, but others find it cold. Faux suede comes in great colors but may be hard to clean. Make sure the pieces work well for your family and in the space.

Make Sure it Fits Your Space

According to this source, it’s important to make sure to find furniture that fits your space. The primary measurement in picking the right sofa is length. Will it fit from armrest to armrest? However, sofas can also be very deep and take up a lot of floor space from the back of the sofa to the floor. If your room is very small, consider investing in a sofa that’s a bit shorter from hip to knee and a little higher off the floor. This form of seating will still be comfortable if not great for lounging. You can add a plush side chair or chair with ottoman for anyone who needs to put their feet up. Ottomans are also easily portable and many offer storage. Make sure you also consider the size of any accent pieces, decorations, or rugs. If you are trying to cover the whole floor, the rug should be a few inches smaller than the room.

Consider Their Purpose

Depending on the size and layout of your home, you may need some furniture to do double duty. For example, a high-backed chair with a firm but comfortable seat can serve as an office chair or work with a lap desk. If you work from home and like to change up your space, there are coffee tables that can lift up to allow a higher surface to work or dine from. Of course, you and your laptop can go almost anywhere, but the most functional furniture will foster good posture so you can focus on comfort. According to this source, some furniture pieces are comfortable enough to allow for lounging but structured enough to also allow support when working, allowing them to fill multiple roles.


Sectionals sofas are a great place to lay back and watch a movie but hard to vacuum under and around. In addition, if something gets spilled on your sectional, you’re looking at replacing a lot of fabric. If you’ve got little ones in your household or guests who are prone to drips, furniture you can easily wipe up is a good option. In addition, according to this source, you should look for furniture with enough clearance to easily clean under. If you’ve got a robotic vacuum, a sofa and side chairs with at least 5 inches of clearance will keep your floors cleaner. 

Designing your living space can seem like an arduous task sometimes. Finding living room furniture that’s both comfortable and functional does take a little digging. However, if you carefully review each piece for both the length and depth of floor space, you can choose furniture that will suit your needs, offer flexibility and keep you comfortable.