The Hottest Color Trends for 2018

2018 color trends

With the new year comes a brand new outlook on, well, just about everything. One of the most popular improvements for the new year, repainting. There’s nothing like starting off with a fresh new look for your home. Give a room more vibrancy, more life, make it a place the family loves to congregate. So what colors should you be looking at as we enter 2018 and you strive to makeover a tired and otherwise drab space…Here ae a few suggestions regarding the new year’s hottest new colors.

Bolder is Better

People aren’t afraid of venturing into new paint territory. Beiges and whites are certainly fine, but if you really want to create that WOW effect, how about a bolder choice. Deep reds are definitely daring—giving your room instant warmth and instant flair.

Or what about a bright, more electrifying blue. If contrasted with clean white trim and more neutral accessories, a standout blue shade could really turn a room around.

Getting Back To Nature

Just as the world seems to be going “green,” so are paint colors for 2018. It’s all about true earth tones—not merely sedate attempts at such colors. Paint manufacturers are mimicking that verdant green, or the honeyed browns, the golden sun-kissed tones. Nature is making a designer come back in a major way in the new year!

Go-to Grays

Grey has always been a big color and this coming year, it’s getting even bigger. Now more and more homeowners are experimenting with various shades of this not-really-neutral tone. Yes, gray does go with just about anything, but it also holds its own on the color wheel. If you’re not sure about a particular shade for a particular room, there are a world of grays to explore.

Fashion Forward

As the fashion world goes, so do paint colors. 2018’s palette of choice also involves soothing, verging-on the-brink-of-pastel tones. The sea foams, the lavenders and the corals are all trending but in an updated and fresh new way. A great color scheme for creating an ultra restful bedroom.

Whatever direction you want to head with your paint colors come 2018, we’re here to help! Our design consultants would be happy to provide a free consultation as you look to spruce up your space as the new year approaches.

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