Tips for Painting and Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is your escape from the world. It’s where you go to relax, read, watch TV, and close the door to the noise in your home or life. It’s the one place in a house that can make or break whether you buy it or not. This is a room that matters to you, and you want it to look and feel a certain way. You want it to feel relaxing and inviting. You want to keep it fresh and original that aligns with your personality. But, how do you accomplish this? Well, that’s why we are here. We are going to share some tips to paint and decorate your master bedroom we think will make it great.

How Paint Shaped History

When you hear about history, you probably are used to hearing about dates, major events, and famous people. History books are filled with world wars, different ages in society, and ancient history. Stories are told with objectivity and as much accuracy as possible. Perhaps you love history, or perhaps you find it abstract and boring. Either way, you cannot ignore that we stand on the shoulders of what came before us and sacrifices people made so we could live so comfortably. That also involves painting. What? Painting! Did we say part of our ability to live comfortably has to do with painting? We sure did!

4 Painting Quotes We Love and Why We Love Them

You know how there are times in life when you get stuck and need some inspiration. What do you do? Do you talk to a friend, a doctor, read a book, take a walk, or something else that’s therapeutic to you? Well, we love looking at quotes by famous people to help jump start us when we get stuck.

Foyer, entrance way,

4 Ways to Spruce Up That Entryway

An often overlooked space in the home, the foyer, entryway, or vestibule if you really want to get fancy, is generally the first impression that guests have of your house upon arrival. And yet for many of us this area of the house is either a) a catchall—meaning that first available place for kids to throw their coats and backpacks, b) a glorified car key and mail receptacle or c) the dust-collecting, largely ignored hallway into which you put Aunt Sally’s oddly shaped, hand-me-down umbrella stand/coat rack you’re otherwise not quite sure what to do with.

It’s time to revisit the foyer! This can be a dynamic space that gives your home a new bit of life. Have some fun with it, get creative—the point is, make it into something spectacular, and not just that place you happen to pass through on your way to the stairs.


  • Make it Useful: Add a Sitting Area. Yes, you can sit here! Don’t be afraid, your entryway won’t bite. And who says it has to be just a pass through. Take your shoes off and stay awhile! With an ultra comfortable bench, perhaps a couple of lovely looking chairs, a chaise lounge even –depending on its size, you can transform the foyer into a place that actually has some function.


  • It’s Great for Storage. The wonderful thing about items like vintage dressers, hutches and armoires is that they are extremely versatile, meaning they can go just about anywhere, meaning, even in your foyer! Whether you need to make some more space for those winter sweaters, for the only-for-holidays placemats and silverware, or for the kids’ treasured artwork that you can’t bear to throw away but aren’t quite sure where to put…How about the entryway!


  • A Mini Library. Yes, all you book aficionados out there, here just might be the space where you finally get your very own library. A well-appointed bookcase or two, a nice comfy chair and ottoman, a slender side table for that cup of tea, or of course wine, and you have a veritable piece of heaven.


  • Paint it Before You do Anything! Odds are, this room is most likely a beige? Off white? One of the many shades of taupe? Why not spruce it up with some paint…Make it bold and vibrant with a deep plum, or how about soothing and tranquil with a light, dusky blue tone. Think outside-the-box when it comes to your entryway. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

Paint is where the heart is…


We all know that new colors, freshly painted rooms, and bright and colorful accents and designs can have a positive impact on our overall mood. Think about when you first walk into your repainted kitchen for example. From basic beige to a rich and more intense misty grey, it makes you feel instantly better. You get inspired, find yourself more content, and overall, just plain happier. We’ve seen people smile and absolutely beam as they walk into their new room.

So how exactly does a fresh coat of paint affect you, both emotionally and psychologically…Here are some things we bet you didn’t know about the impact that paint can actually have on a person.


Paint Can Stimulate: It most certainly can! There are those colors which, intense and more vibrant in nature, can actually cause your heart rate to speed up, your breath to quicken and your adrenaline to kick in. So ramp it up with red for instance and create a room that energizes and invigorates you.

Stress Relief in a Paint Can: We all know that certain colors can induce a serene and calming feeling, but it’s actually been shown that these colors actively help combat the pressures of stress. After a hard day’s work, kick your shoes off, recline in your favorite chair and surround yourself in a lighter blue or green as the stress just melts away.

Paint Offers a Feeling of Renewal: Did you know that the color white has been associated with vanquishing feelings of disappointment and consequently providing a sense of renewed hope. So if you want to feel better, refreshed and with a whole new outlook on life, it could be as simple as painting a room white!

Paint = Productivity: Some colors just bring out the go-getter in you!  Blue is one such color. Studies have shown that people who surround themselves in blue are more confident, capable and thus more productive.


Whatever color you choose, make sure that it reflects who you are and what you want from your room. There is no wrong choice, and when your painting job is done by Jaworski, there are only stunning results.

Down Memory Lane: Generational Paint Trends

Ok, so we all know that the seventies were about bell bottoms and disco, while the eighties saw the ascension of punk rock and big hair. Have you ever thought about paint trends from one decade to the next…For instance, when was the heyday of green? Has yellow ever been a generational favorite? And what’s with all those eighties neon colors? Just as hair styles, fashion, music and even food choices change every ten years or so, the same can be said of paint colors. So sit back, put on those parachute paints, tease your hair into a beehive and grab your John Lennon inspired shades—we’re going for a short trip down a very colorful memory lane.

50s: Pastel Mania

We think of the fifties and immediately we go to Leave it to Beaver territory. Sedate, pretty tame and definitely traditional. But is this true of their paint also…The paint of choice: pastels. Light yellows, pinks, aquas and blues particularly seemed to be all the rage, as homeowners were striving for that “modern” and clean feel. And yet, they still were inspired to have a little fun with it. Think typical diner décor and you will start to get a feel for how colorful and playful the fifties really were.

60s: Peace, Love and Paint

Flower power, psychedelic vibes and a whole lotta Hendrix generally come to mind when we think of the 1960s. But what about their preferred color choice when it came to interior décor and paint: surprisingly it was a bit more subdued than most would imagine. Despite the rampant profusion of everything tie-dyed and the brightly color peace signs dotting the landscape, wall colors tended more toward neutral and earthy tones. Rusted oranges, toned down yellows, deeper reds, brown, cream and beige all had their place in the homes of the 1960s

70s: Paint by Numbers

Most look back at the sideburns and questionable appliance color choices and say…what on earth were they thinking. Is paint the exception? For the homeowners of the seventies the interior paint colors ranged. We all know that a funky lime green shade is inextricably tied to this decade, along with those nostalgic well-known gold tones and hard-to-pin-down oranges. Okay, we agree, what were they thinking…

80s: When Paint Rocked

The eighties definitely picked up the pace. Colors abound, as reds, bold neons, blues, even black made their way into the American home. Whether it was the daringness of a punk rock culture, a generation motivated by the likes of Pac-Man and Frogger, or the edginess of an MTV-inspired mindset, in the eighties people were certainly not afraid of a little color experimentation.

90s: Rebirth of Paint Sophistication

If the 80s were about amping things up, the 90s toned it back down. Here we see the return of more neutral colors, but of course not without a twist. In the 1990s homeowners began “designing” their walls. From adding an accent stripe to a polka dot or two, to even big random blocks of color, people of the nineties merged color sophistication with those memorable notes of risk-taking.

2000’s and Beyond: Paint Extravaganza

The great thing about the last decade and a half or so as far as paint is concerned anyway is that really…anything goes. We are truly a hodge podge of the previous generations. Borrowing from them to reinvent them, interiors are increasingly eclectic and proud of it. And that’s what makes our job so much fun—just try and stay away from the avocado green…


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