What are millennials’ home design preferences?

millennials design style

Everyone is trying to figure out how to connect with millennials, and the home design industry is no different. From designers to retailers, the home décor industry needs to figure out how to cater to the tastes of this generation.

Millennials value uniqueness, which is evident in their continued rejection of big brands. They want to bring this uniqueness into their homes, whether it’s with a one-of-a-kind accent piece or a uniquely colored piece of furniture. Unlike previous generations that came to value convenience of generic home décor, millennials have no problem taking the time to find items that reflect their personal style. They embrace rustic themes, including unfinished surfaces and colors that are reminiscent of nature, as well. Millennials are also more minimalist than previous generations, rejecting all the décor trimmings that their parents and grandparents loved. Gone are the days of fancy living rooms that only get used when guests come to town. Instead, millennials are furnishing their homes with practical, multi-functional furniture, like coffee tables with storage bins and shelves that double as dining room tables.

Another interesting change that millennials have brought to the interior design industry is how they find inspiration. Unlike previous generations that got derived ideas from catalogs and a handful of influential designers and writers, millennials have unlimited access to design inspiration on the internet. By looking at blogs, Instagram, and endless product reviews, millennials have an unprecedented amount of information at their disposal. Décor companies that want to succeed with this generation need to make sure they’re putting out appealing, quality products that satisfy these consumers.

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