5 Reasons Why We Love Sherwin WIlliams

Sherwin Williams Paint Company

We Love Painting, and we’ve been painting for over 30 years—through three generations!

That is why we wanted to share our view on the Sherwin Williams Paint Company.

There are tons of paint brands available on the market today. A search of the internet or a store such as Home Depot will yield many articles and brands to choose from. While many brands have paints that are similar in what they do and how they work, there is no doubting that quality counts when choosing your paint. We have been in business for over 30 years and three generations. We started in Cleveland, which is the base of Sherwin Williams. Thus, we have grown to have an affinity for their paint and their company, which is just one reason we love them. We are not here to tell you that you must use Sherwin Williams. What brand you use will vary based on many criteria. However, we want to share why we love Sherwin Williams so much in case you want a little more in depth look into one brand.


Sherwin Williams has a rich and amazing history. They have been in business for 150 years! This makes them a part of Americana folklore as far as we are concerned. They started in 1866, which is just one year after the Civil War ended. Think about this for a second. The company started when there was no wireless telegraph, railway to the pacific coast, no Suez or Panama Canal, no storage batteries, no telephone, no lightbulb, no airships, no automobiles, and no ready to use paint! You can learn more about their history here. To say they have seen and tried it all is an understatement. Imagine the many historic buildings their paint has been used on over the years. Pretty amazing we think! Plus, this means they have the paint industry down pat, and know their stuff. And we love a company that knows their stuff.


This company has tools to help make the process of choosing paint and painting tools much less cumbersome. For example, they have apps and online tools that help you see what a paint would look like in your space. Plus, they have color matching services and paint calculators to help you know how much paint you need. Their employees are always friendly and very knowledgeable too. We have not had a bad experience with them nor have any of our clients told us any negative things about their customer service. Plus, they approach working with customers from the aspect of a teacher so you learn instead of just getting something and not knowing why or what to do with it. This is hard to find in a large company. Just one more reason why we love them.


Sherwin Williams has a large line of paints and finishes that can cover almost any situation you can imagine. They have colors from different decades, kid’s colors, a lifestyle collection, a historic collection, a pottery barn collection, and a Home Garden TV collection to name a few. In addition, they offer exterior and interior schemes to help you have more options. Plus, they can make colors by mixing them to your specifications. There is no shortage of choice with Sherwin Williams, which is another reason we love them.

Location, Location, Location

As of 2013, according to Cleveland.com, the company had 3,520 neighborhood stores. As a fortune 500 company, that means they have a presence in virtually every state. For you, this makes it easy to visit a store to get what you need whether it is advice, tools, or paint. We love that they are so accessible offline since part of the process of choosing paint is seeing it in person to gauge the true color of the paint. Plus, speaking with a human in person is far more productive and informative than just searching the internet and hoping you made the right choice.

They Sell More Than Paint

Yes, they are a paint supplier, but with their history and experience, they also sell all the tools needed to support a paint job and help it work. This includes, brushes, rollers, covers, frames, tape, and so much more. This makes them a true one stop shop for all your needs. And we are all about saving time by using one place that has what you need.

We hope you see why we love this company and its paints. They are a company with history, integrity, options, and expertise like no other. We love that, and we know you will too. Contact us to learn more about the company and how we can use their paint and tools to make your next house painting project rock!

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