From smart locks to smart thermostats

–  it’s time to make your home tech-savvy

You’ve already got a smart phone, and now it’s time to get a smart home. From smart locks to smart thermostats, there are so many ways to bring your home décor into the age of tech.

The tech boost can actually start before you even get inside your house. Smart locks and smart doorbells can give your front door some serious upgrades. A smart lock lets you unlock your front door with the tap of your finger, and smart doorbells let you answer your door from your phone. So, if you’re not home and the delivery guy shows up with an important package, you can tell him to leave it on the front step. Inside the home, smart devices can make your life a lot more comfortable. A smart thermostat will save you energy and cash by learning your habits and adjusting accordingly. For example, it can learn to turn the AC off when everyone leaves in the morning and turn it on an hour before everyone gets home. Smart gadgets aren’t just great for convenience, they also help with safety. A smart garage door controller lets you check the status of your garage door from anywhere, and lets you open and close it remotely. And all of this is just the beginning!

When upgrading the technology in your home, focus on the changes that will have the biggest positive impact first. This will be different for every person. Always forgetting your keys? Start with a smart lock. Sick of getting into bed and forgetting to turn off the lights? Look into smart lights. That’s the best part of the digital age: with all these new solutions popping up, there’s bound to be at least one that’s applicable to you!

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