5 Must See Places in The Treasured Coast

We have never been bashful about how much we love the Treasure Coast of Florida. In fact, we have written about it before. We love the people, places, and pure beauty that exist here. We have never regretted a moment of our time spent living and painting in this amazing part of Florida that is unlike any other. Coming from Cleveland, the adjustment to year-round warmth was, well, not so tough to get used to. Nor was being surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. We are so grateful to be able to paint and play here, and we know there is so much to see and do in the Treasure Coast. We wanted to share some places in the Treasure Coast that we know inspire us when thinking of painting options, and we know will inspire you too.

Beach Tours on Horseback

This may sound a little touristy, but we promise it is not. Riding on the beach on horseback is a special way to get inspired. Not only do you literally see things from a different perspective, but you are on a horse, which may make you feel in a different state of mind. Perhaps you will feel like a cowboy or cowgirl. Or, perhaps you will feel like you are in a romance novel. Any way you slice it, this is a great way to get in touch with nature and take what you see back to translate to your paint project.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

The Blowing Rocks Preserve is a beautiful place. You will see a water geyser that shoots 50 feet high and water pounding on rocks. In addition, you can explore the Indian River Lagoon by walking on a boardwalk. Here, you will find a butterfly garden with native plants and a beachside nature trail. This site offers so much to take in that you will come back relaxed and inspired to perhaps do some butterfly color pattern or include more nature to enhance the area you are painting.

Digital Domain Park

No, this is not a park of technology. In fact, we have a hard time imagining what that would look like. This is the spring training ballpark for the New York Mets baseball team. While it may not be an art museum or involve pure nature, we find inspiration in everyday life around the Treasure Coast. And since baseball is America’s pastime, and spring training is an annual experience, we find inspiration in the joy of watching a ball game while enjoying some ball park fare. This makes us think of artists such as Norman Rockwell and how his paintings captured Americans in their natural state and encapsulated a moment so well. We think that you too can use this to inspire your house painting project.

Downtown Farmers’ Market of Fort Pierce

This market started in 1997 with less than 12 vendors. Set in historic downtown Fort Pierce waterfront, this market attracts locals and tourist. It will delight your senses beyond imagination. There is the picturesque location, where Marina Square meets the Indian River Lagoon and weekly performances by a rotating series of local musicians to help make this experience that much more inspirational. As far as food, you will find delicacies as diverse as the crowds, including dogs. Locally grown produce is a staple, joined by outstanding Caribbean dishes, tasty Greek food, fresh seafood, homemade pastries, boiled peanuts, meat pies, crackling kettle corn, and breads of every variety. Plus, on the 4th through 1st Saturdays of each month, gardeners are on hand to give advice.

Next door to the market is the Fort Pierce Jazz Society’s Arts & Crafts Market. They have booths offering homemade soaps, beaded necklaces, hand-painted gifts, oil-based landscapes and sculpted glass. You will find all sorts of stimuli hear to inspire you and to take back to your house painting project.

Downtown Stuart, Florida

This historic downtown, with its quaint commercialism, is packed into a small area that’s easy on the feet. Plus, it is perfect for those looking to buy a knick-knack found nowhere else, those merely interested in some serious window-shopping, or those who like the stores and restaurant with something unique to offer.

The area is pedestrian-friendly with roundabouts, one of which is named Confusion Corner. One roundabout features a sailfish sculpture; another, which is at the Haney’s Circle fountain, is anchored by Lady Bountiful, a bawdy statue sculpted for the 1939 World’s Fair and brought to Stuart 10 years later.

After dinner, you can stroll on the boardwalk along the St. Lucie River and admire the Roosevelt Bridge towering overhead. The boating crowd will love Sunset Bay Marina. With 198 deepwater slips, free public dock space and a waterfront restaurant, it is a great place to see. For the party crowd, the annual Dancin’ in the Streets festival in downtown Stuart is one of the Treasure Coast’s biggest, and most entertaining, one-day events. Experiencing all of this will help you make your house painting project one to remember.

The Treasure Coast has so much to offer that we cannot fit it all in one article. You really have to experience it to get just how special it is. In doing so, you will find yourself inspired to paint, paint, paint the days away. Contact us to learn more about the inspirational places the Treasure Coast offers.

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