Paint is where the heart is…


We all know that new colors, freshly painted rooms, and bright and colorful accents and designs can have a positive impact on our overall mood. Think about when you first walk into your repainted kitchen for example. From basic beige to a rich and more intense misty grey, it makes you feel instantly better. You get inspired, find yourself more content, and overall, just plain happier. We’ve seen people smile and absolutely beam as they walk into their new room.

So how exactly does a fresh coat of paint affect you, both emotionally and psychologically…Here are some things we bet you didn’t know about the impact that paint can actually have on a person.


Paint Can Stimulate: It most certainly can! There are those colors which, intense and more vibrant in nature, can actually cause your heart rate to speed up, your breath to quicken and your adrenaline to kick in. So ramp it up with red for instance and create a room that energizes and invigorates you.

Stress Relief in a Paint Can: We all know that certain colors can induce a serene and calming feeling, but it’s actually been shown that these colors actively help combat the pressures of stress. After a hard day’s work, kick your shoes off, recline in your favorite chair and surround yourself in a lighter blue or green as the stress just melts away.

Paint Offers a Feeling of Renewal: Did you know that the color white has been associated with vanquishing feelings of disappointment and consequently providing a sense of renewed hope. So if you want to feel better, refreshed and with a whole new outlook on life, it could be as simple as painting a room white!

Paint = Productivity: Some colors just bring out the go-getter in you!  Blue is one such color. Studies have shown that people who surround themselves in blue are more confident, capable and thus more productive.


Whatever color you choose, make sure that it reflects who you are and what you want from your room. There is no wrong choice, and when your painting job is done by Jaworski, there are only stunning results.