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4 Ways to Spruce Up That Entryway

An often overlooked space in the home, the foyer, entryway, or vestibule if you really want to get fancy, is generally the first impression that guests have of your house upon arrival. And yet for many of us this area of the house is either a) a catchall—meaning that first available place for kids to throw their coats and backpacks, b) a glorified car key and mail receptacle or c) the dust-collecting, largely ignored hallway into which you put Aunt Sally’s oddly shaped, hand-me-down umbrella stand/coat rack you’re otherwise not quite sure what to do with.

It’s time to revisit the foyer! This can be a dynamic space that gives your home a new bit of life. Have some fun with it, get creative—the point is, make it into something spectacular, and not just that place you happen to pass through on your way to the stairs.


  • Make it Useful: Add a Sitting Area. Yes, you can sit here! Don’t be afraid, your entryway won’t bite. And who says it has to be just a pass through. Take your shoes off and stay awhile! With an ultra comfortable bench, perhaps a couple of lovely looking chairs, a chaise lounge even –depending on its size, you can transform the foyer into a place that actually has some function.


  • It’s Great for Storage. The wonderful thing about items like vintage dressers, hutches and armoires is that they are extremely versatile, meaning they can go just about anywhere, meaning, even in your foyer! Whether you need to make some more space for those winter sweaters, for the only-for-holidays placemats and silverware, or for the kids’ treasured artwork that you can’t bear to throw away but aren’t quite sure where to put…How about the entryway!


  • A Mini Library. Yes, all you book aficionados out there, here just might be the space where you finally get your very own library. A well-appointed bookcase or two, a nice comfy chair and ottoman, a slender side table for that cup of tea, or of course wine, and you have a veritable piece of heaven.


  • Paint it Before You do Anything! Odds are, this room is most likely a beige? Off white? One of the many shades of taupe? Why not spruce it up with some paint…Make it bold and vibrant with a deep plum, or how about soothing and tranquil with a light, dusky blue tone. Think outside-the-box when it comes to your entryway. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!