Why We Love Sherwin Williams Opex Lacquer Finishes

Why We Love Sherwin Williams Opex Lacquer Finishes

Property can be your biggest and best investment in your lifetime, so it makes sense to take pride in what you invest in.  Whether you decide to live in the property you buy, or buy to sell, making sure your finishes are above A grade is paramount.  You want your home to be around for a good many years, or at least be a good saleable commodity.

At Jaworski Painting, we love paint, and all it can do.  As painters, we know what a good lick of paint can do for any surface, and its immediate surroundings.  A once boring and bleak space can be transformed with just the right color and style of paint, not to mention the paint application method.  And, we do offer a wide variety of finishes at Jaworski Painting.


While we do pride ourselves on providing a full service operation when it comes to refurbishing homes, our one big love is kitchen cupboards and the painting and refinishing thereof.


Cupboards are used daily, especially in a kitchen.  They are also a very focal point when one walks into a kitchen, and shoddy-looking cupboards can detract from a lovely marble counter, or even the most upmarket white goods.  They also keep your pricey and most treasured items safe and out of the way.


A kitchen can come to life when the cupboards have been touched by our magical team.  And, we do not just paint cupboards.  Oh No!  We take great pains in making sure the process from A to Z is a pleasurable journey for you.  That may sound odd, but we understand how the kitchen is the one place you spend a great deal of your time in at home.  And, to have it taken over by a couple of bodies with sticky brushes, can be quite disturbing.  So, we have a 3-day turnaround time, as well as a policy that you do not need to remove any of the contents of your cupboards during the process.


Besides, making your life easier over those few days, we guarantee that you will be very satisfied with the finished product.  To ensure that your cupboard finish lasts, we invest in the best lacquer on this side of the Treasure Coast of Florida.


Sherwin-Williams offers a great product called Opex Lacquer. When it comes to wood coatings, Sherwin-Williams knows their stuff.  Whether you want to preserve the look and feel of the wood or change your cupboards into something else completely, we are able to source just the right stain from these masters.


What we like especially about Sherwin-Williams is that they test all their products, showing us why it is best to use high quality grade lacquer, as opposed to handyman type offerings. Sure, we could go with the cheaper stuff, but cheaper generally means nastier, and we just do not do nasty.


We want your cupboards to stand the test of time, and the Sherwin-Williams range of lacquers does just that.  With their high-pigmented stains, and cleaner colors, you will literally find yourself standing and staring at the results.


And, if you are worried about toxic fumes, whilst we work, well don’t be.  Our painters complete most of the paintwork away from your home.


Port Saint Lucie is our service area, and we have renovated many homes Throughout the Treasure Coast.  We intend to take St. Lucie County by storm, with our prestigious house painting services.  And, with Sherwin-Williams at our side, a supplier who has been around for 150 years, providing us with their high-grade products, we know that you and your kitchen cabinets are in for a real treat.