Elastromeric paint is here to stay

The Why and When Elastromeric Paint is best

Living on the Treasure Coast, or in any other coastal town, you have to take into account the sea air, as well as the water density in the air.  While this causes havoc for most folk’s hair, it can also lead to damp issues within our homes.

At Jaworski Painting, being expert exterior house painters, we understand paint, and more importantly, we understand the Florida region.  With many successful projects completed in the Port Saint Lucie area, we are the right painters when it comes to new or refurbishment jobs.

To ensure that our paint jobs for the exterior of your house stand the test of time, we often suggest using Elastromeric paint.  Now, you may be frowning right now, wondering what this sort of paint is, well, no worries, we are here to educate you on this amazing product.

The Benefits of Using Elastromeric Paint

Waterproof Warrior

Elastromeric paint is very carefully engineered to create a barrior between water and the surface of your walls.  Generally, one would apply the paint to non-chalky surfaces, such as concrete or masonry construction.

Outside water, whether from the air, clouds, or garden sprinklers, can cause disasters for the interior of your house.  If your walls are not sealed properly, you could land up with damp issues, or worse yet, constant wet interior walls and floors.

It is best, if at all possible, to have this paint applied when first building, and preferably in dryer weather.

Mildew and Dirt Free

This super paint is both resistant to mildew, as well as dirt, two agents that can cause great health issues, especially in the young.

Hairline Cracks be Gone

Settling cracks, that appear as hairline marks in your walls can be a real eyesore, and have the potential to grow into more.  But, with the Elastromeric paint application, you will not see these lines.  The flexible and nature of the consistency of this paint ensures that all these small cracks are covered up.  It, in fact, seals and protects at the same time.

Expansion Solvent

Houses expand in the winter and summer, and it stands to reason that this will cause the building to bend and shape.  The polymer in Elastromeric paint, called elastomer, has a great elasticity and viscosity.  As your house expands and contracts, so will the paint, meaning less cracks, and the possibility of future structural issues.  It literally moves like rubber.

Long Lasting

While you may not stay in your house until you die or pass it on to a child, it is comforting to know that the exterior will be protected for many years.  In fact, with 2 coats of general acrylic paint, your house walls can be guaranteed for up to 10 years.  With Elastromeric paint, you can expect many more years to be added to that guarantee.

Weather Wise

While the Treasure Coast does not have very extreme weather conditions, it is good to know that Elastromeric paint is sun fading resistant, a real blocker to heat, and cold, and heavy rain driven by wind.  These natural conditions can be very taxing on, not only the structure of a house, but also the paintwork.  But, this awesome paint really has been built for any weather condition.

So, you can see now why we are a lover of this type of paint for all exterior surfaces.  Port Saint Lucie residents are very familiar with our work ethic and code, and many too are familiar with one of our favorite exterior house paints, Elastromeric.

In addition, the manner in which we manage the entire project, from prep work to finishing touches, is professional and speedy.  We understand that to have workers constantly in your space, even when on the outside of your home, is a real intrusion of privacy.  We pride ourselves on moving in and out in the least amount of time needed to complete a perfect job.

So, stop and consider Elastromeric paint for your exterior house painting project.