Our Review On The 3M Accuspray Paint Gun System

Our Review On The 3M Accuspray Paint Gun System

Along the Treasure Coast of Florida we have built quite a reputation for refinishing and painting kitchen cabinets, and we are very proud of that. Being able to transform a kitchen while helping our clients save significantly on the cost of new makes good sense and the results, even we say it ourselves, are spectacular. Often when we discuss painting and refinishing kitchen cabinets, the level of transformation of any kitchen is often underestimated, in reality, refinishing can offer any kind of result imaginable. Maybe you wish to go for a French country style, where refinishing can offer a crackled, aged look that is incredibly realistic. Today’s refinishing goes way beyond a change of paint color.

All throughout Port Saint Lucie Jaworski Painting have created unique, beautiful kitchens, doing our best to make ideas and dreams become reality for our customers wherever possible. We are always pushing the limits of the materials and tools available to us, whether that is paint itself or the tools our painters use.


To continually offer the range of choice and quality we believe every one of our customers deserve, we often look for new ways to improve our service, whether that is new techniques or tools. Technology is always moving forward, and the paint industry is no different, which is why we recently purchased a new 3M Accuspray Paint Gun System to enhance our service.

This is an amazing HVLP spray gun, means High Volume Low Pressure, essentially it puts out a lot of paint even using low air pressure when spraying. The advantage of that is simply that it puts more paint where you want it, and less into the air that eventually settles and is what we all know as overspray. Being able to use lower pressures is really beneficial in enclosed spaces such as a kitchen, it’s easier for painters, the paint finish is smoother and there is less cleanup required afterwards. The Accuspray system offers several other benefits for both ourselves and customers too, easy clean nozzles mean color changes are much faster, and the range of nozzle sizes not only allows a range of different products to be sprayed, but also helps with the creation of effects should customers require them.

Because of easy change of nozzle size and cleaning, applying more than one paint type or color is much more practical, and allows us to create new ways of refinishing kitchen cabinets to turn our customers wishes into reality. Paint flows more smoothly, and the painters have a much lighter tool to work with that gives them the ability to be even more creative, while the reduced overspray and tight spray patters possible with the new spray gun ensure that less masking and less cleanup are needed.

With this new spray gun and the opportunity to innovate that it gives us, we believe that our refinishing service for kitchen cabinets is simply the best available for Port Saint Lucie and all over the Treasure Coast in Florida.  No matter what kind of look you want for a kitchen, we will create something unique that matches your vision, with minimal fuss and much less expense than a kitchen replacement.

Bringing your vision to life is the best part of what we do, and now with the new tool, we are sure that we can be even more adventurous when creating the kitchen of your dreams.