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Simple ways to modernize the interior of your home

Simple ways to modernize the interior of your home

Whatever kind of home you have, whether it is a few years old or a hundred years old, modernizing can be a daunting task. Even knowing where to start can be confusing.

Today’s trend is for monotone walls, often grey, with simple, clean white trim, and this alone will offer a very new look for your home. However, there is more that you can do for yourself that work well on their own, or even better with our high-quality paintwork.

The first thing you can do is look around your home for details that date your décor, a gold light switch plate for instance will stand out to anyone looking around, but may be something you just get used to over time. Swapping them out for clean white plates, or something to compliment your décor, will have an immediate effect and create the cohesive deign look that everyone loves.

It is not just the light switches that can date your home, lighting itself tends to be very much ‘of its time, in that you can often tell when a house was built or last remodeled just by looking at the light fittings themselves. By updating ceiling lights, sconces and bathroom fittings to more modern equivalents, you not only create a more modern look very quickly, but with new lighting technology, you could save energy or overall improved lighting that shows off your rooms better.

Materials are another area that can make a difference. Switching from an old carpet to a new one, or a wooden floor, can transform a room, especially if the carpet is worn, or even if it is just a pattern or color that is somewhat dated. While this is definitely a bigger change than others mentioned, it does work very well and is well worth thinking about.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and you are probably thinking that a new kitchen is just too much hassle and expense for a home makeover. But that does not mean you have to leave it as it is. Today we are able to offer a complete kitchen refinishing service that will transform the look of your kitchen, helping you create the modern look you are after. And because we can create this new look by refinishing your existing kitchen, it is done quickly, efficiently and very cost effectively too.

Our professional painters can bring your kitchen right up to date, working with you to choose the colors and finishes that match your dreams. Clean lines and subdued color is the trend right now, but you may prefer bold and bright, however whatever you choose will look like a brand-new kitchen, created for you in just 3 days.

With a kitchen transformed into a modern style, and a few changes to lighting and materials, you can modernize your home much faster and for a lot less money than you ever thought. Clever use of color and style really do make a difference, and best of all, no need to throw that favorite chair away, cover it with a throw to match the new décor, and it will blend in with the modern style of the rest of your home.