Kitchen Styles That Make Your Kitchen Distinctive

Kitchen Styles That Make Your Kitchen Distinctive

The kitchen is the heartbeat of your home. It’s where your family gathers for meal prep and meals. It’s often where homework is done and heartfelt conversations are had. The kitchen of your home is designed for functionality and aesthetic appeal in a way that no other room of your home can quite match. Let’s take a look at some of the design aspects of your kitchen that can make it uniquely functional, uniquely fashionable, and uniquely you.

Storage Space and Cabinet Styles
Your kitchen holds a plethora of secret stashes – appliances that only see occasional use, food and pantry items, cookbooks, and even glasses, dishes, and silverware used only for holidays and special occasions – all those items have to be stored. The key is to create storage in your kitchen that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the organizational effort. Storage is a big part of where cabinet styles come into play. Choose kitchen cabinets that have built in Lazy Susan’s, cutting boards, and lots of drawer space.

The real secret to great kitchen storage is to make it both hidden when needed and attractive when seen. The best way to accomplish that is with finishes that fit your family’s personality and make your kitchen distinctive. A few of the best-selling kitchen cabinet finishes this year include the following:
White kitchen cabinets can create a light, airy, feeling in a diminutive kitchen. Conversely, they work their magic in large kitchens by making then sleek and polished.
• If you’re highly organized or have china or cookbook collections you want on display, glass doors can create an uncluttered feeling while showing off your prized possessions.
• Warm colors like cooling blues, vibrant reds and sunny yellows can make your kitchen cabinets, and the pop of color they provide, the focal point of the room.
• Wood finishes come in a variety of veneers and stains that are well suited to any kitchen. Whether you want blonde wood or sturdy oak, solid wood cabinetry will stand the test of time with its classic appeal.
• Chalk paint – not to be confused with chalkboard paint – gives a nod to yesteryear with its vintage look and feel. It gives an aged, milky feel to your cabinets reminiscent of farmhouses of old.
• Metal, stainless steel, and chrome finished make your kitchen look ultra-modern and up-to-date. They’re long-lasting and pack a powerfully contemporary punch.

Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Hardware
The drawer pulls, hardware and faucets are probably the most frequently touched parts of your kitchen cabinets. Take the time to match those items to the cabinets and to the uses they’re for.
• Opt for hidden hardware that’s functional like quiet drawer slides.
• Choose the visible hardware that dresses up your cabinetry and speaks for itself.
• Glass knobs and cabinet brackets make metal finishes look sleek and they’ll do wonders for white finishes as well.
• Uniquely shaped hardware dress up wood cabinet finishes and keep fingerprints at bay.
• Brushed-nickel finishes are sleek and modern. They look especially seamless on gray cabinets, which, by the way, are closing in on white cabinets in popularity.
• Choose shapes that compliment your cabinets as well. Round, square, fat, thin, or thick, choose pieces that feel good in your hand and blend well with your kitchen.
Cabinet Styles and Trends
Kitchen cabinets come in as many styles as they do finishes. That’s a good thing, too, because what suits one kitchen might not suit another. Some of the popular cabinets styles of 2017, include:
• The clean, simple lines of shaker style doors lend themselves to many different types of finishes and paints.
• Inset doors and drawers create a bit more space and let you show off unusual hinges since they rest on the outside of the doors.
• If the cozy family appeal of an open farmhouse fits your tastes, show off that chalk paint mentioned above with doors in a rustic style.

Your kitchen can be as casual or contemporary, as modern or as classic, as sleek or as timeless as you want it to be. The cabinets you choose married to the right hardware can create the kitchen of your dreams. Add details like built-in cutting boards and cabinets that match your appliances for a look and feel you’ll love and one your friends and family will ooh and ahh over.