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5 Ways to Pick the Right Paint for the Job

5 Ways to Pick the Right Paint for the Job

One look at the paint choices for your house painting job can send you into a fainting spell. Colors within a color family cover every possible shade within that family, from very light to dark. Trying to understand this can cause headaches that won’t go away for some time. Add to this all the different styles of painting that exist and it becomes too much to consider. That is why at We Love Painting, we wanted to share 5 ways to choose the right color for your paint job, whether it’s an interior or exterior job.

Start with an Inspiration

This may sound counterintuitive, but don’t pick the paint color first. You want to consider some other things before you pick your paint color. One of them is inspiration. Much like the great artists who look for inspiration in objects, nature, and people, you too can find inspiration everywhere. From online searches and social networks to visiting home shows, inspiration is everywhere. Some people find their color based on a Starbucks coffee color, a blanket for their child, or a design on a plate.

Keep It Neutral

This doesn’t mean you should paint your house a boring color. Decide what you want the focal point of the room or area you are painting to be. If it’s the ceiling, for example, go bold on the sample. If you choose to go bold in one area, then you want to keep the other areas neutral in order to balance things out. Neutral colors work everywhere.
Use Testers

Buy testers in different shades and colors, and paint them in patches to see how they look during different times of the day. Leave them up for at least a week, but beware that testing on white walls can throw the color off. If you have to use larger swatches of color testers, they are widely available at affordable prices. It’s worth the small cost to avoid spending money on gallons of paint and realizing you don’t like your choice. Plus, you can use the testers to touch up smaller areas of your home as well.

Test Against Furniture and Fabrics

Don’t paint your furniture! Instead, paint poster board and place it near your furniture or fabrics. This way you can see what your choice will look like. If it doesn’t match, see if the undertones go nicely with your furniture. You are not painting an empty room and leaving it that way. You want your choice to make everything in the room coordinate or be complemented by it.

Ask for Help

As you can see, this is not an easy choice. It can be vexing at times, so ask for help when you need it. This could mean going into a paint store and speaking to a professional, having a paint company like ours come out for a consultation, or hiring a personal stylist to help you plan. It could also mean speaking to family members or friends and getting their feedback. You don’t have to do this alone to get it right.

We make it a priority to ensure you choose the right paint when you work with us. That’s why we consult with you first, go over your options, show you sample colors, and make recommendations along the way. Contact us to pick your ideal paint color today!

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  1. Christopher
    Christopher says:

    I think it is great you guys touch on keeping things neutral. I know too many people here in Palm City who get their rooms painted bright and loud colors only to later regret it. Interior house paint should always be simple. You can liven up a room with color through rugs, pictures, and curtains. All things you can change anytime without having to strip your walls! haha Really enjoyed reading this.

  2. Haley M.
    Haley M. says:

    I agree with Chris on this. I actually wen overboard in my first home. Thinking I would love bright colors on the walls. I was thankful to have found Jaworski because they knew how to restore my walls. I had so many bold colors and if you have never worked with true red paint, you would not know the struggle! They got all the color stripped off and now my home is back to being neutral. It looks like my home is new again!

  3. Spencer Montgomery
    Spencer Montgomery says:

    Painting a poster board and placing it near your furniture or fabrics is an excellent idea. I think it’s a good way to see the result visually rather than just thinking about how it will look. Thanks for sharing that, and all these other ways to pick the right paint job.


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