What The Colors You Choose Say About You

Painting your home, inside or out, is an exciting time. You have a blank pallet to start with. You can create any design in any color you choose. You can make any pattern and try something new. Imagine the possibilities that exist to express your personality and create the environment you want. If you are doing multiple rooms, each room can express something different, and if you are repainting the outside of the house, you can make a statement about who lives there. Before you make any decisions about what color to choose, you may want to take pause.

Believe it or not, what color you choose says a lot about you. In fact, marketers use colors to help persuade us when to use their product. In fact according to Help Scout, a marketing publication, “In a study titled ‘Impact of color on marketing,’ researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone, depending on the product.” If we tend to make snap judgements about products based on color, imagine the decisions we may make depending on the colors in our homes! Since your home is a place you will spend a large majority of your time, you want to ensure the colors set the mood and vibe you want.

Mood and vibe vary by person. Each person has different experiences, backgrounds, and come from different cultures. These factors can influence how a certain color will affect each individual. For example, someone who had an idyllic experience on a beach with rich blue water as a child may lean towards blue as it elicits positive thoughts. Before you paint, take a look at the main shades of color and what they mean courtesy of The Art Therapy Blog.

● happy
● energetic
● excitement
● enthusiasm
● warmth
● wealth prosperity
● sophistication
● change
● stimulation

● purity
● innocence
● cleanliness
● sense of space
● neutrality
● mourning (in some cultures/societies)

● authority
● power
● strength
● evil
● intelligence
● thinning / slimming
● death or mourning

● love
● romance
● gentle
● warmth
● comfort
● energy
● excitement
● intensity
● life
● blood

● happiness
● laughter
● cheery
● warmth
● optimism
● hunger
● intensity
● frustration
● anger
● attention-getting

● natural
● cool
● growth
● money
● health
● envy
● tranquility
● harmony
● calmness
● fertility

● calmness
● serenity
● cold
● uncaring
● wisdom
● loyalty
● truth
● focused
● un-appetizing

● royalty
● wealth
● sophistication
● wisdom
● exotic
● spiritual
● prosperity
● respect
● mystery

● reliability
● stability
● friendship
● sadness
● warmth
● comfort
● security
● natural
● organic
● mourning (in some cultures/societies)

● romance
● love
● gentle
● calming
● agitation


● neutral
● timeless
● practical

As you can see, each color has many possible interpretations. Only you will know which interpretation represents what that color personally means to you. When you are planning your next painting project, carefully consider what color best represents who you are and what kind of enviornment or image you are aiming to portray, then paint away. We Love Painting colors that mean something to someone! Contact us today to see how we can use the power of color to paint the tone and feeling you desire.