5 Signs It’s Time to Repaint the Outside of Your House

It’s no secret that painting your house can boost your home value and give it a fresh look. When you paint the outside of your house, you have the opportunity to fix any dings or structural issues during the process. Plus, you’ll also remove old paint that is unsightly. Repainting your house makes your neighborhood feel fresh and more enjoyable to come home to. For these reasons, painting the outside of your house is worth the investment. Below are 5 ways to tell when it’s time to repaint the outside of your house.

Peeling and Cracking Paint

When you see paint peeling or cracking, it’s telling you something important: moisture is seeping beneath the paint. When this occurs, it could be a sign of more damage beneath. Moisture, after all, is the main cause of mold, and it can lead to structural damage over time. When you see peeling or cracking paint, it’s not only time to consider repainting but also time to get your house inspected for other issues such as mold.

What Is Your House Made Of?

Depending on the material used to build your house, you can use that as a time frame for repainting your house. For example, wood surfaces need to be repainted every 3-7 years, aluminum siding every 5 years, stucco every 5-6 years, and cement fiberboard and bricks every 12-13 years. Non-painted bricks should be power washed frequently. What your house is made of matters when it comes to repainting the outside.

Trim Is in Decay

The trim around your windows and doors may need to be repainted more frequently than the outside of your house itself. This is because the trim around doors and windows takes more of a beating due to frequent use. If you see decay in your trim paint, it’s time to repaint this portion of your house. This not only keeps your house looking good, it also keeps your windows and doors protected from the elements as paint is a first line of defense.

Fading Color

If your paint is fading, it’s a sign of sun damage. This damage weakens the protective capacity of the paint and is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to repaint your house.

Your House Is Older Than 5 Years

When a new house is built, a single layer of paint is applied. After 5 years, it’s time for another layer of paint to ensure the house is protected and well maintained. This will ensure you keep that new-home look and feel for at least 5 more years.

Other Signs It’s Time to Repaint:

● Gaps or shrinks in the boards of your house
● Cracking stucco
● Cracking caulk

We love painting the outside of houses! It gives us joy to see a house newly painted, looking and smelling fresh. We take pride in making the outside of your house something worth looking at every day. Contact us today for a free consultation.