5 Things to Look for in a Painter in Vero Beach

5 Things to Look for in a Painter in Vero Beach

Painting in Vero Beach, Florida can be a chore. First, you have to pick all of your colors and then you have to buy the paint and get it mixed. Next, you have to buy the right tools to paint with, including protective gear. Then you have to move furniture and set aside valuable time that you could be using to do something else. This can be exhausting just to think about it, especially with all the fun you could be having in Vero Beach instead.


After considering all this, you’re probably ready to hire a painter. But how? And what should you look for? Should you trust online reviews? These are all great questions, and we are glad you asked. Let’s start by discussing online reviews.


Online reviews can be misleading, as many companies pay to have people leave them. This is a deceiving practice, and you can wind up getting scammed because of it. At the same time, you shouldn’t completely disregard them as some are genuine. What you want to do is look for patterns across multiple review sites. If multiple review sites show positive reviews from different people, you can rest assured they are legit. You can learn how to spot a fake review in seconds by reading this USA Today article.


You don’t want online reviews to be your only measure of finding a reputable painter, however. Whether you need a room, the outside of your house, your interior, or a smaller project painted, below are five things to consider to find the right painter in Vero Beach, Florida and the rest of the Treasured Coast.


Ask Real People


Nothing says authentic like speaking to people you know about the company they may have used for their recent paint job. Let’s say you see a neighbor outside who just got their house painted. You can ask them about quality, customer service, cost, and all the other things online reviews may not tell you in earnest. Nothing takes the place of finding a painter through a trusted friend. You can even ask the contractor for a list of references to call. This may be a little biased, as they will not give you a person who will bad-mouth them, but it will let them know you are thorough. And if they refuse, you can keep that in mind in your decision-making process.


Call a Few Companies and Consult


Any company worth its salt is going to offer free consultations. Don’t be afraid to call or email a few companies in your area and ask them about their services. If they seem nice enough on the phone and you are comfortable with that exchange, ask for a consultation. In a consultation, you can get your questions answered and let the company see what you need. You should get at least three bids to get a feel for who you would like to work with. You can also use the bids to negotiate on pricing later in the process. We love these questions Angie’s List suggests you ask house painters.


Educate Yourself


When you get your oil changed in your car, you probably have a high degree of knowledge and understanding of the process. Old oil comes out and new oil goes in. You know what to expect, so you’ll likely not get overcharged or sold a bill of goods you don’t need.


When it comes to painting, there are many caveats depending on your project. Therefore, doing some research to learn some basic information can really help you when speaking with a contractor. In this manner, you can ask the right questions and get a basic sense for whether you’re getting the wool pulled over your eyes. You can look up painting techniques, for example. Or if you’re having a room painted, you may look up cost and time frames ahead of time. Knowledge is power, and it can weed out painters who try to take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge.


State Your Expectations


When you speak with the contractor, be sure to be very clear about your needs. This lets them quote you accurately and give the right time frame for completing the work. If you want a surface that is bumpy smoothed out in the process, tell them. It may cost extra, but you know what to expect and so do they. This goes along with educating yourself. By stating your expectations, you’ll learn some things to help you make a decision. And with technology, you can fact-check answers you get.


Ask for a Guarantee


There are certainly no guarantees in life. However, when it comes to hiring a painter in Vero Beach, Florida, a guarantee is exactly what you should look for. The painter should promise to correct any of the following: chipping, peeling, blistering, flaking, or excessive fading or chalking that occurs within two years after the job is done at little to no cost. If the painter tells you the paint itself has a warranty, remember that doesn’t include labor, which is a far more costly proposition than material.


In addition, consider the following:


  • Obtain a complete contract
  • Choose the paint yourself
  • Beware of lead if your home was built before 1978
  • Only pay 10% to 15% until you are satisfied with the job
  • Consider the company’s credentials


We love painting! That is why we want you to choose the right painter for your job. Whether you live in Vero Beach, Florida or any part of the Treasure Coast, call us to set up a consultation or ask us a question about your painting needs.