Landscape Designs That Protect Your Home While Looking Amazing

Smart homeowners are becoming savvy when they look for landscaping designs that multitask. Of course, they want awesome curb appeal, but they also want a lay of the land that protects their properties as well. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.


Terracing can add value to your home in several ways. According to Home Stratosphere, terracing that’s done well can add value like curb appeal, but it can also prevent erosion if the property is on a slope. Also, water can be routed away from the foundation of the home. Depending on the materials of your home’s exterior, retaining walls can be made of the same or coordinating materials for visual appeal. Terraced beds for gardening are another element that can add pleasure as well as function. Vegetable, herbal and flower gardens all can be terraced, allowing rainwater to be guided to them and away from the foundation of your home.


With proper selection of trees and space, according to The Tree Center, creating a natural windbreak can be another energy-saving and visually appealing addition to your home’s landscape. If properly planted, the trees can create a natural fence line that also acts as a wind, visual, sound, and smell barrier. Flowering trees will add beauty in the spring while evergreens will add color and privacy all year. Research which trees will work well in your area before planting them to make sure they will thrive in the local environment.

Rolling Hills

If your property is relatively flat, you may want to consider adding some dimension. According to Brown Concrete and Backhoe, rolling hills can be strategically designed and shaped to direct water away from a house and its foundation. They do this by giving your residential property a way to let the water flow as well as eliminating standing water from your property’s buildings. This also adds an additional curb appeal statement that will make your home distinct from surrounding properties and more visually appealing.

When thinking of landscaping, be sure to consider the practical as well as the visual aspects. Check with local landscape designers for their recommendations concerning plants as well as layout. Consider making low-maintenance choices when selecting materials for terracing. Pick plants that are perennial for flower and herb beds. Check for fruit trees or shrubs that can double as windbreaks or privacy fences. Being smart with your landscaping can even pay for itself over time as it adds value to your property now and later.