3 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Yard Right Now

Your lawn should be one of your biggest sources of pride. If yours is looking patchy and generally unhealthy, you might think that you just had an unlucky draw. However, what you do to your lawn can either help or hurt it. These are three things causing harm to your yard.


Mowing your lawn is absolutely necessary, but how you mow it can affect the quality of your lawn. If your lawnmower blades are dull, the mowed grass is going to look undesirable and have difficulty staying healthy. Mowing wet grass is also a problem, as it ruins the integrity of your soil as well as your mower. You must also be careful about not mowing too short, as that can turn your yard brown and give weeds a better chance to spread. Make sure that your lawn mower is in good condition, you mow when the conditions are optimal, and your yard is mowed no shorter than necessary. This will help give your yard the healthy appearance you desire.

Putting Chemicals in the Yard

You’re unlikely to be dumping chemicals directly in your grass for no reason, but chemicals from non-yard projects can be toxic to your grass. Chemicals from things like washing your car can easily drain into your grass. According to The Deep End, if you use any chemicals in your hot tub, you should wait at least 2 days before draining it into a yard. Before using any chemicals near your yard, review information about any possible effects on grass and other plants. You don’t want to inadvertently expose your pets or local wildlife to toxic chemicals.

Too Much Watering

Your yard needs to be watered, but overwatering is a very bad practice. When you water your yard constantly, the grass is deprived of oxygen and is unable to flourish. Do not water your lawn every day; a few times a week is plenty. You can tell if your yard needs to be watered based on how dry the soil is, and you can analyze that with a soil moisture sensor. There are also signs of dryness based on the appearance of your grass. If your grass is a dull green or turning brown, then you’ll know it needs watering. If you struggle with finding a good watering schedule because of weather, trips, or any other cause, you may want to look into other yard options. Artificial grass reduces water usage, or you can try something new like xeriscaping.

These habits can seem like they won’t make any real difference, but they can lead to a gradual decay of your yard. Undoing these behaviors doesn’t require all that more effort than doing them. Your yard can be salvaged, it’s just a matter of whether you’re serious about salvaging it.

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