How to Choose the Perfect Carpet for Your Living Room

Whether you are in the midst of a complete remodel or just freshening up your floors, new carpeting can be one of the most important purchases you make for your home. New flooring can freshen up any living space and provide the look you crave in your home, but you must be careful in selecting the right carpet.


The first thing you and your guests will notice about your brand-new carpet is the color. You will want to write down a list of your preferences. If you gravitate towards bold colors, go for it. This can be somewhat of a risky choice, but when done right, it can provide a pop of color with plenty of personality. If neutral is more your style, decide what shades you prefer, lighter or darker. Neutrals tend to be less risky and thus much more popular inside homes, particularly tans and grays. They provide a softer touch than a brisk white while helping to hide those pesky stains. Also, if you have kids or pets around, consider carpet with flecks of color to help hide any dirt, food or other stains that find their way onto your floor.


While color will be the first thing your eyes notice about the carpet, the first thing your feet will notice is the texture. There are many styles to choose from, so consider one that not only you will find comfortable, but that suits your style of décor. Frieze is a shag carpet with long, twisted fibers. This carpet offers a cozy feel. Saxony is probably the most common style and is neither long or short but perfectly in the middle. Therefore, it works with many different styles of home decor. Cut and loop can be found in many textures and designs, with some fibers cut and others looped. It works well with many styles of home as well but particularly with industrial or modern styles. Berber used to be known as a white carpet with some dark spots but now has a looped style in a variety of colors and sizes. This is a great carpet for offices, basements and other less frequently visited areas of the home. With all the colors and styles available today, the right choice can work in any area of the home.


Another consideration when selecting your new carpet is the shape of the rooms the carpet will be placed in. Many of the rooms in your home will likely be square or rectangular, but what do you do if your room is not a basic shape? There are several options. You can trim a square carpet in order to make it fit a uniquely shaped room. Consider adding a rug to your carpet purchase to help trick the eye into seeing balance in the room. According to Flooring America, Carpet also can be cut to fit into any nooks and crannies in your home.

Room Use

Before heading out to purchase your new carpet, one last thing you should consider is the amount of traffic in the rooms that will be receiving new carpet. A room with high traffic will need a carpet that can withstand lots of use while still looking fresh for any guests.

The purchase of new carpet is an exciting one for you and your family. When done correctly, it will add the perfect touch to your home for years to come.