How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Your beautiful bathroom can’t shapeshift, so you’re mostly used to how small it is. But, if there’s something you could do to make it seem larger, that would be wonderful! Small spaces can be tricky, both in design and décor. What can you do to make your smaller bathroom seem bigger than it is?

Use the Right Paint Color

One great way to make your bathroom look bigger is by using the right paint color. Shades of white colors are particularly good. According to MyDomaine, this means very pale colors with a white underlay that brightens the whole room. If possible, choose to also paint the ceiling, which can cause it to recede into the background in the mind. This can create an illusion of more space as well.

Use Glass and Mirrors

Light gives the appearance of space and lightness, so you need to fill your space with both glass and mirrors. Replace a smaller mirror with a dark frame with something larger, painted a pale color to compliment the new wall color. This gives the mirror the chance to reflect more light into your space as well. According to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, glass shower doors make your bathroom appear larger than it is. This is both because the modern glass doors can give the illusion of a lack of barrier, and also because clean glass gives the illusion of space on its own.


To avoid overwhelming the senses in a small space, it’s important to use coordination. This doesn’t mean that all of your world has to be matchy-matchy, but instead, try to use coordinating colors which are not jarring in the newly brightened space. Using plants is a great way to do this.  Finding pottery for them which can also coordinate creates the ability to bring warmth and life into the space, which few other objects can do. Try plants that are accustomed to rainforest floors, as they don’t require a great deal of light, and also enjoy humidity!


Most homes have at least one bathroom which is extra small and needs the illusion of growth. By painting it a tinted white color, you get both the color you love, and also the illusion of the room being larger than it actually is. Adding in mirrors and glass for reflecting light gives you a boost of space as well. Finally, make sure to not overly clutter and use coordinating elements to help everything come together!

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