How to Stay Safe While Working With a Power Saw

An electrical saw is a useful tool that can shape and define all sorts of materials, whether you’re working on a house renovation or just constructing a birdhouse. The only issue is that its power can also be very dangerous for any person using the saw or around it being used. To stay safe while you’re at work with your power saw, don’t forget about these precautions.

Wear a Mask

One of the most vulnerable parts of you while handling a saw is your face—it can’t be covered in protective gear the same way the rest of you can. A handheld power saw can stir up a lot of things into the air, so wearing a protective mask is important to avoid itching, coughing, and other breathing problems that can also turn into allergic reactions and lung damage if used a lot over time. A dust respirator is a great idea to keep anything from entering your lungs at all, or even a cheaper cloth mask will filter some, depending on how often you use a power saw.

Protect Your Eyes

Injuries involving the eyes can be serious and life-altering. If you have no protection around your eyes when using a power saw, you’re asking for trouble. You should look for protective glasses made with polycarbonate, a light but nearly indestructible material. You should wear a pair of eyewear that follows ANSI standards for maximum protection. Using power tools can be dangerous to multiple parts of your body, but the eyes are organs that really won’t heal well.

Read the Instructions

Every power saw will come with a manual, and it’s imperative that the instructions are read. How else would a first-time user know never to stand directly behind the saw, while using it or otherwise? Or that keeping a blade sharp and only cutting in straight lines reduces kickback? That you should never handle a power tool too heavy for you to comfortably carry? These examples of power saw safety protocols are just a few—read your manual, and you’ll be a lot safer.


Power saws are an invention worth their weight, even if they can be a bit dangerous. If handled correctly and with the proper gear, you will reduce the hazards of working with a power saw significantly. Follow these tips and you will be much less likely to experience an accident while using your power saw!

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