3 Ways to Make an Outdated Kitchen Feel Brand New

One of the most expensive rooms in your house, traditionally, is the kitchen. With all the appliances needed and all the wear and tear it endures, a kitchen can quickly look and feel outdated. If you’re on a budget, however, you can still give your kitchen a brand new feel by making just a few actions.

Add New Colors

Most kitchens, without very purposeful design, are pretty bland and dull in color. If this is your kitchen, the easiest way to give it a makeover is to add some color accents that will liven and draw interest. Sometimes this is as simple as redecorating with more interesting curtains or giving the walls a new coat of paint. For a bigger renovation, consider adding a backsplash that pops, or painting the cabinets. Regardless, pick colors that are tasteful and still complement the rest of your kitchen appliances and designs—you want a new color to liven the room, not stick out like an eyesore!

Update Older Items

If your kitchen is particularly old, it may be the appliances and worktops that are giving it such an outdated look. With appliances, it may mean you just need to buy a new one, this time upgrading your metals for stainless steel, which will keep your kitchen looking new for a long time to come. Just doing this with the stove oven can go a long way in giving your kitchen an updated look. When remodeling your kitchen, you should measure how much you use your worktops. This will determine whether to go for wood, laminate, quartz, granite, or even stainless steel. If the damage isn’t too bad, opt for a refinish instead of a replacement.

Change the Lighting

Last, consider the lighting of your kitchen and how it makes everything else in the room look. If you have a fluorescent bar, for instance, a lot of the color and interest is washed out, and if you have dim or just plain filters, you miss out on giving your kitchen a bright, lively look that is also welcoming and easy to work under. Just updating your kitchen with new light fixtures can give the room a bit more of a luxury feel. It can also cast a more interesting light on the rest of your kitchen’s fixtures and appliances.

Your kitchen is used so much, it should be given the attention it needs. Though a full renovation of this room can quickly eat up a large budget, there are still steps you can take to make it feel brand new. Even small and simple fixes such as these will go a long way in giving your kitchen more refinement.

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