How to Mix Up Your Interior Design and Achieve a Bolder Look

It’s time to update the design of your room… any room! If you are thinking about revamping a space in your home, consider mixing up the colors, textures, and décor to achieve a bolder, brighter look you can feel excited about!

Mix Colors

Use the color wheel to pick colors that both contrast and complement each other. Look for colors that draw the eye but don’t clash. Bluish grays and oranges, emerald greens, and neutral off-whites. Using a more natural, earthy color as the base of your design will allow for versatility in your designs, also allowing for easy changes in the future. Use colors as accents or as the theme for the entire room. According to Mansion Global, you should experiment with different colors, or find inspiration in smaller decorative pieces and pull color options from there! Be daring in your choice of color; let this be an opportunity to try something you wouldn’t normally.

Add Some Wallpaper

Another accent you can use is wallpaper. While wallpaper has largely decreased in its popularity for covering an entire room, it is a perfect piece to make a wall pop. According to Complete Dezign, wallpaper can be used to highlight one wall or a certain area of a room. This is a great way to implement a pattern into your room, invite a color scheme, add texture and a little “noise” or something particularly interesting for the eyes to look at. You can be as loud or as neutral as you want with wallpaper! Plus, wallpaper is actually a great way to make your walls more durable, adding a protective layer to your walls that you can clean and wash later. If you want an easy-to-remove way to dress up a room without requiring a lot of time or potentially harmful paint and decoration, use wallpaper.

Add Interesting Pieces

According to Home Designing, fun, funky pieces of décor will give your room the final touches it needs for that bold new look. Walls don’t have to be the only way to create an accent. Large features like chandeliers, mirrors, curtains, rugs, or wall hangings can all be a focal point for your room. Whether you choose to make your room a themed area or simply a creative space, look for decorations that will add little bits of texture and interest without overwhelming the space.


It can be a lot of fun to design an exciting and bold space using colors, patterns, and pieces. Make it different and experiment until you feel the perfect balance between function, comfort, and style!


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