Unique Accent Wall Ideas – Have Fun With It!

Accents walls don’t have to be just about paint—they can really be anything you want. The keyword here is of course “accent.” This means you want it to standout, make a statement, be that bold and exciting spot that when people walk into the room immediately catches their eye and fills the senses with awe and wonder. Okay, perhaps we’re asking a little too much of an accent wall, but you get the picture…think outside of the box folks! Design is both execution and creativity.


Brick wall. So maybe you don’t live in a Soho loft or a vintage building in which exposed brick is commonplace. This is the beauty of brick veneer. Lightweight and easy to work with, it can pretty much go anywhere in the home. So if you’re looking for that cool old warehouse, industrial look, a brick accent wall may be just what you need.

brick - Unique Accent Wall Ideas - Have Fun With It!

Wood Walls. Incredibly adaptable to any design style or sensibility, wood walls can add texture, depth and certainly warmth to a room. Be creative as far as the pattern and orientation of the wood. Even the type of wood that you choose allows for some variation as far as the overall effect.

wood - Unique Accent Wall Ideas - Have Fun With It!

Mural. Here is where you can really get a little crazy and have some fun! Have a budding artist in the family? Maybe you want to go Pollock style and “splash” some paint up there. One thing’s for sure, with a custom designed mural or postmodern masterpiece for a wall, guests will definitely have something to talk about.

murl 300x169 - Unique Accent Wall Ideas - Have Fun With It!

Fabric. Who knew you could actually dress a wall…Fabrics on walls, to include leather, seem to be a hot trend. It also helps to soften up the overall ambiance of a room while bringing in some new patterns, colors and textural elements.

leather 532743 960 720 300x196 - Unique Accent Wall Ideas - Have Fun With It!

Corks. Okay, this one is definitely outside of that proverbial box, but we think it’s fun. For that wine tasting room for instance, you may want to express your appreciation for all things Pinot! What better way than an entire accent wall of corks.

corks 300x200 - Unique Accent Wall Ideas - Have Fun With It!

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