Simple Ways to Boost the Mood in Your Home

The home is a sanctuary; it’s the place we look forward to coming back to each day. Since you spend so much time putting your personal touches on your home, you want it to be a happy place. While there can always be stress in the home, there are several ways in which you can help your house to have a positive and welcoming vibe.


The proper lighting is essential to creating a happy home. For example, open window plans can provide the house with natural sunlight. Lots of sunlight in the home has been linked to happier moods within the house as it fights off depression. High Quality Home Maintenance warns that excessive sunlight can cause furniture to fade, so it’s important to keep your furniture protected so no damage occurs. For a unique experience, you could try strategically placing accent lights to showcase your favorite parts of the home. 

To improve your sleep, you should consider installing a dimmer switch. Close to the time you choose to sleep, the dim lights help your brain to prepare for bedtime. Candles are another great source of personalized lighting. There’s nothing quite as cozy as twinkling candles throughout the home.


People truly underestimate the significance of the paint colors through the home. Did you know that dark purple bedrooms promote feelings of sadness? Well, it’s true! So, to promote a happy home, try painting your walls in colors that help to promote a positive vibe. According to The Art of Simple that since it is considered one of the happiest, optimistic colors, yellow is an ideal choice for a bedroom. Rooms that are adorned in off-white hues are also a great choice. Neutral colors, such as ivory and cream, can match any décor and style, so those off-white choices are perfect for any room. Rooms that are coated in pale pink swatches have been shown to promote a calm feeling; too bright of a pink, however, can have the opposite effect.


While they’re often overlooked, several varieties of plants can really bring your home together in a happy and positive way. Plants not only give off the breezy vibe you’re looking for, but they also help to cleanse the air within the house. So, what type of plants are the best for happiness? If you’re looking for a happy flower, consider bringing in some daisies. Lilies are also a happy flower, and you’re sure to be happy having some. For something greener, consider bringing orchids into your bedroom. They work hard to emit oxygen while taking in toxins; this helps you to sleep better. Peace lilies are another excellent plant to make a happy home. 

Always remember, however, that there are some plants that are toxic to animals. If you have pets, The Sill advises to look for plants that are labeled animal friendly, or make it easy with an animal safe plant subscription. If they are not labeled, do research before potentially exposing your animals to poisonous plants.

However you choose to make your home happy, do it in your own personal style. Always try incorporating lighting and careful paint choices to make your house a positive and stress-free zone. Plants also work to make your home a happier place.

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