How to Get More Natural Light in Your Florida Home

Natural light refers to sunlight and other forms of light not generated by electricity or artificial means. Creating more natural light in your Florida home can lead to better mental health because an increase in exposure to this type of light promotes the release of serotonin, an important brain chemical. In fact, natural light benefits a wide range of biological systems, including the body’s circadian rhythm, the delicate schedule of sleeping and waking. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, is shown to harm health by increasing stress. 

How do you boost the amount of natural light entering your home? Here are a few simple methods to accomplish that.

Using Reflective Surfaces

More reflective surfaces in your home mean more natural light bouncing around. There are many objects you can work into your home’s décor that will look great and functionally increase natural light. Examples include mirrors, silver photo frames, metallic fixtures, metallic ceiling finishes and furniture made of glass or chrome. Even the paint you choose can affect natural light levels. Darker colors absorb light. This is why, for example, darker colored clothing gets so hot and uncomfortable on a sunny Florida day. To maximize natural light and brighten a room, opt for the lightest possible paint colors like white and beige.

Adding Windows

Doubling or tripling the number of windows in your residence is perhaps the most obvious way to usher in more natural light. A wall of windows can be a beautiful addition to a home, especially if it faces a beautiful view featuring the rising or setting sun. Of course, privacy can be a concern when adding extra windows. Consider placing them strategically on the second floor, the sides of the house, or areas where a fence obscures the view from prying eyes. Many reflective windows are available for purchase, but they may reduce the natural light coming into your home. Skylights are also popular.

Since Florida is prone to hurricanes, you will want to take this into account, of course. Some modern window products provide excellent protection. Do some research before making your purchase.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Grime, dust, and debris can build up on windows. When it’s left uncleaned, this not only harms the appearance of your house, but all that debris also blocks natural light from shining inside. Keep your windows clean. Chemical products can be purchased that prevent this type of buildup, meaning less maintenance work for you. If you assume your windows are clean already, you might be surprised how much grime rubs off on a cloth when you wipe them.

Follow these basic tips and you’ll enjoy a brighter, healthier home full of beautiful Florida light.

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