Prepare – Protect – Preserve

Planning on renting or selling your house? Does it look a little worn out? Are you not getting your desired amount you asked for your place? If these are the problems which have been eating you up and withering away your hope of selling your property for the amount you desire, worry no more! In a situation like this, when a person comes over to have a look and analyze your house which you may be offering at a reasonable cost in your accordance, the first thing they notice is how well kept the house is, the finishing of the house and if it is up to the mark, the stay and quality of and the application of the paint used during the finishing and a lot of other things. It is their right to keep these things in mind and have their preferences about it. But, what can you do about it is what we have to offer to you!


“Jaworski Painters” are a house painting company who cater you with their impeccable services which include free consultation on what color is to be used in a specific area to make it look brighter and a mile ahead to what it used to look formerly, extremely efficient and hassle free painting services, impeccable house cleaning services by a very experienced and dependable house and office cleaning staff which meets your individual cleaning requirements, pressure cleaning services for the areas surrounding the house which become dirty and shabby which indirectly makes the house look dreary. Roofs, pavements, driveways, sidewalks, you name it and see the difference for yourself once we are done with our job we assure you that you will be surprised at what you had been missing on underneath all those layers of dirt and dust! Our successful experience of 30 years makes us one of the most reliable firms to put your trust into getting you needs fulfilled and getting the job done in the most hassle-free and efficient way possible at very reasonable rates which suit both your requirements and your wallet! Our service area include these cities Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, and Hobe Sound, Florida.

Peace of mind

Our services guarantee a 3-year warranty in refinishing houses and refurbishing kitchen cabinets and cabinets in general. You can take maximum advantage of this services so that instead of going through the process of changing the whole setup of your kitchen or any area in general, our professional kitchen cabinet refinishers will mend and renew your old cabinets using the best quality of service and products, paint them and bring them to the finest finish in terms of the service quality, so you will not have to change and spend thousands of dollars on changing the whole setup and instead, we guarantee your very satisfaction by repairing your pre-loved cabinets by just giving them a little personal treatment!