How to Choose What Colors to Paint Your Home

Choosing the right paint color for your home is no easy feat. We’ll look at how to consider not only what colors work best in each particular room but also which hues will evoke certain emotions and capture current design trends. With this information in hand, you can make an informed decision about what colors should grace your walls!

Consider the Room

When it comes to considering what paint colors are appropriate for the room, there can be a lot of factors to take into account. For starters, the size and shape of the space should be taken into consideration. If you have a large living room, for example, you have more flexibility in terms of bolder hues that may not work so well in a smaller space. Additionally, the amount of natural light and how much furniture you have in the room can also play a role. If there is minimal furniture and plenty of windows, for example, brighter tones might be more suitable as opposed to darker colors that can make a room feel small and cramped.

Consider the Feelings You Want to Invoke

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your home, consider the feelings you want to invoke. Different colors can evoke a wide array of emotions, and you should think carefully about how the color will affect your mood and environment. For example, brighter colors can create an invigorating atmosphere, while soft colors can help make your home feel more welcoming. Take the time to experiment with different colors and shades in small areas of your home before committing to larger projects. By doing this, you can make sure the colors you choose will truly create the atmosphere you desire.

Consider Trends

When it comes to choosing paint for your home, it is important to consider trends. While aesthetics and personal preference play a role in the final decision, recent trends can provide direction and inspiration when making a choice. One of the most popular trends today is embracing bright and bold hues. Rather than traditional neutrals, many homeowners are opting for vibrant colors like orange, pink and yellow, which can bring a unique touch to any room. Another popular trend is the use of natural tones. Nature-inspired colors in shades of green, blue and brown help create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation.

Carefully considering the colors you want in your home is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. By keeping the above factors in mind, you can make sure you’ll end up with a space that reflects your personal taste and makes you feel good.

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How to Know it’s Time to Add New Paint to Your Home

Paint. It’s a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to give your home a facelift. Plus, it provides a vital protective layer that prevents mildew, mold, rust, weathering, insects, and other kinds of damage from eating away at your house. 

While today’s best paints are quite durable, no paint job lasts forever. Here are some signs that you might need to throw a new layer of paint onto your home.

The Color Has Gone Out of Style

While paint does provide a valuable service for your home by protecting it, it is also a major aspect of your home’s aesthetic. You can completely alter the ambiance of your home simply by changing up the colors. For example, yellow fosters feelings of cheer and goodwill while red stimulates strong feelings such as love, passion, and even anger. 

At the same time, pink is said to spark your creativity while green reduces stress and promotes a sense of calm. Just like anything else related to decor, paint colors go in and out of fashion. Today’s most popular color choices for your home’s interior are warm whites, neutral greiges, and lovely greens. Of course, any color can be in style if you find the right hue. 

Paint is Peeling or Faded

Another indication that it is time for a fresh coat of paint is the presence of peeling or faded paint. This is most likely to be found on the exterior of your home. Peeling paint on the exterior is a serious issue, as it allows water and insect damage to occur. 

Because your peeling paint can cause long-term damage, get it painted as soon as possible. Doing so is also vital if you plan on selling your home anytime soon. Buyers who come by your home will notice if your paint is faded or peeling.

It is Past Due

To keep your paint job looking and performing at its best, it is always a good idea to keep track of when your home is painted and follow a painting schedule. Of course, much of the timing depends on the location, the type of paint used, and the materials that the paint is on. Most interior and exterior paint jobs should last around 5-10 years. However, paint that is applied to wood or aluminum siding will need to be repainted more frequently. 

Of course, because painting is relatively easy and inexpensive you don’t need a reason to paint! Simply wanting a change is good enough. However, you might want to keep an eye on your home’s paint and refresh it when needed. Doing so will protect your home and make painting much easier.

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How Paint Color Affects Perceptions in Your Home

Choosing paint colors can seem like a small thing, and in reality painting your house is pretty small as far as renovations go. But in fact, taking the time to paint your home can have a huge impact on how the space is perceived. Different colors can be used to create certain moods or feelings that make it much easier for you to enjoy your home and use the spaces for their intended purposes.

Change the Mood

The first thing that the paint color can do for a space in your home is to set the tone or mood for a space. Serene colors like blue can immediately help you to feel calm, which makes them great options for bedrooms and any space where you want to relax. Bright happy colors can help you to feel excited and inspired in spaces in your home, so they are great for areas that you want to use for projects and gatherings. And sometimes you want a more plain backdrop, like a white-colored room, that gives you more options to enjoy the space for whatever tasks you need to accomplish from resting to chores.

Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller

There are many reasons why you might want certain areas to look bigger or smaller and more intimate. And, while it is difficult to change the size of a room, it is pretty easy to create the impression that a room is bigger or smaller than it is. Choosing paint colors that reflect or absorb light can help you to change the perception of the size of a space. Painting with dark colors generally makes a room look smaller, while bright colors tend to make a room look larger.

Impacting the Temperature of Your House

Since certain colors can absorb more light while others absorb less, it is pretty easy for color to make a home warmer or cooler. This is especially true for the exterior of your house or for the interior rooms that have a lot of natural light. Dark colors for your home will make it warmer, which may be helpful if you live in a cold climate. But if you live in an area that tends to get hot, a brighter color palette can help you to keep temperatures down and stay cool, especially in the summer months.

Choosing paint colors for your home can help you to design the space you want for yourself. Brighter colors can bring all kinds of bright, happy, and energetic feelings. And darker colors can help you to establish a more serene and relaxing feeling in your home. A mix of both can give you lots of options throughout your home to spend time depending on the specific needs of any given day.

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How to Do Interesting Things With Paint in Your Home

Painting your home doesn’t need to be a boring job where you simply paint all your walls one color. When you paint, you can get creative and add some points of interest to your home. As you approach your next paint job, consider ways you can do things differently.

Paint an Accent Wall

One way you can spice things up is by making one of your walls a focal point. You can do this by painting your wall to be an accent wall. An accent wall is any way that is different from your other walls to draw the eye and highlight certain elements. For example, your accent wall could be a central wall in your living where you display photographs or have your entertainment center placed. When painting an accent wall, make sure it stands out from the other walls without clashing. Pick colors that compliment each other. If you choose, you can get even more creative with your accent wall by adding texture and other elements to make it stand out more.

Paint a Mural

Instead of going for a wall that’s just one solid color, you can add some images to your home. Painting a mural allows you to personalize your home. You can add images that really speak to you or mean something to you. Your mural can be inspiring or beautiful or exciting. With a mural, you can create a very specific environment and tone in a room. Of course, your mural doesn’t have to be inside. A mural is a great addition to an outside wall in your backyard. You can make your backyard feel more fun and exciting with a mural that suits your personality. Painting a mural can be something you do with your friends and family and this will make it mean even more to you.

Highlight Elements of Your Home

In addition to highlighting just one wall, you can use paint to highlight a variety of features in your home. Your walls can be neutral colors and you can use colors that stand out more to paint these features. For example, you can paint the trim in your home a different color so it stands out more. Shelves can be painted differently so they pop out. Other features you can paint include air ducts, staircases, appliances, outlets, closets, and more.

Using paint, you can make your home look interesting and unique. Get creative when you approach painting projects and see what changes you can make to your home. How you use paint can make all the difference.

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The Added Benefits of Painting Your Home Exterior

Painting your home a brand-new color can be extremely satisfying—particularly if you have lived in the home for a long time. However, there are more benefits to a coat of paint than simply aesthetics. This new coat of paint can make your home appear newer, and also has other practical benefits.

Energy Efficiency

One factor you may not have considered is how your home’s paint job impacts your energy costs. It makes sense when you look at it from a scientific viewpoint. Warm areas such as Arizona or Georgia do better with lighter paint colors. Dark blues, blacks, and browns attract more sunlight to your home, making it warmer inside.

If you want to keep your energy bill down, repaint your home in a lighter color. Light gray and white homes are becoming increasingly popular. You can also strategically use darker colors to your advantage. By adding dark solar panels to your home, you can cut energy costs even more.

Keep Away Pests

While the end result of the paint job certainly has its benefits, the painting process can point out areas where your home is susceptible to pests. Not many projects will have you circle around your home’s perimeter, which enables you to fill in any small cracks or holes that an unwanted critter might sneak into.

Sealing cracks in your window frames and siding can keep pests from invading your home. It can also point out if there are cracks in your foundation. This will help you be able to monitor these areas from within your home. Never underestimate the added value a paint job can add to your home’s protection.

Improves its Market Value

If you are moving soon, you may want to invest in a paint job to increase your home’s market value. Your home’s paint might look old, and new paint might be able to shave off a few years from what it appears. This is also one of the cheaper ways to improve your home aside from common renovations.

Most realtors will recommend certain paint colors to boost the home’s value. These depend on current market trends, so be sure to keep yourself up to date on what people are looking for. This may also guarantee your home will sell even quicker.

Your home’s paint job can transform and improve your home in multiple ways. Keep an open mind to different paint colors—specifically if you are trying to sell your home. Before you know it, your house will have a brand-new look.

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What Are Some Situations That Call for Professional Painting Services?

Painting is a cost-effective way to refresh and renew your home. In many cases, painting can be a DIY project. However, there are other instances where health and safety concerns call for the services of professional painters. Here are some situations where it’s best to get professional help with painting.

Lead Paint

The age of the structure will help you determine if lead paint is a concern. Lead paint was banned in 1977, so any structure built before that time could have paint that contains lead, a toxic substance that is linked to a number of serious health problems. It’s important to note that lead paint doesn’t have to be flaking to be dangerous. Paint ages and fades over time, and if your home was coated with lead paint, the space will likely have more lead in the air and on hard surfaces than buildings not painted with lead paint. Consider hiring a professional to get the space tested before painting so that you can remediate the space if necessary.

Smoking Residue

If the previous owner of your home was a smoker, or if you have recently quit smoking and want to freshen the space, be aware that the combination of cigarette toxins and Florida humidity can be a sticky problem. This smoke residue will stick to your walls and ceilings and may make it difficult for a new layer of paint to adhere properly. Tar and other chemicals can adhere to the walls and can be difficult to remove if you don’t know what you’re doing. You may need to have your walls professionally stripped to remove the toxins or get a special primer applied to make sure your new topcoat clings and looks great.

Physical Challenges

Open concept homes offer a great sense of space and the easy movement of light and air, but they can make painting a hazardous challenge. Additionally, if your space has a stairwell or open railing, painting the space will likely take specialty ladders or even scaffolding to reach all areas. One misstep on a stairwell can be catastrophic, especially when everything is coated in plastic or if you’re wearing safety goggles, which can impede your vision. 

Your personal safety and time restrictions need to be taken into consideration when planning a paint job. Paint chemistry is an ever-changing industry. Consider getting a quote from a professional before you embark on a painting project to protect your health and the value of your home.

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Yard

Creating the yard of your dreams doesn’t require a lot of work. Adding some beautiful and cozy touches gives you a tranquil and peaceful place to unwind and relax. Keeping your yard trimmed and rearranging your patio furniture from time to time allows you to experience the full potential of your yard’s space. Here are four amazing ways to spruce up the beauty and serenity of your yard.

Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

A well-manicured backyard begins with properly trimmed and maintained trees and shrubs. When these statement plants are beautifully trimmed, they present a cleaner profile that makes your yard pop. Trimming your trees not only makes the yard look better, but it also promotes better growth. Make sure to trim your trees as needed to keep them healthy, happy, and growing. Keep in mind, also, that different varieties may have different trimming requirements, so do your research first or hire a professional for best results.

Buy a Hammock

Hammocks are wonderful for providing a soothing place to absorb the beauty of the yard you’ve created, and adding a hammock to your yard is the perfect way to reduce daily stress as you gently swing your cares away. So enjoy your new sanctuary, and relax as you lie back and listen to the wind blow through the trees while the birds sweetly chirp, and your hammock peacefully rocks.

Add a Bird Feeder

Birds are beautiful to behold, and adding a bird feeder to your backyard allows you to enjoy their wonderful presence up close. Placing several bird feeders around your yard not only turns it into a lovely bird haven, but it also provides you with even more stress relief. Watching birds also offers you hours of pleasant and quiet relaxation and is a soothing activity that can and should be enjoyed from the comfort of your own yard when you add a bird feeder to your landscape.

Rearrange Your Patio Furniture

Changing the energy of your outdoor space when you rearrange your patio furniture allows you to experience your backyard anew. Even the slightest change can open up the flow of your yard and provide you with an entirely new look. Semi-frequent changes to the arrangement of your patio furniture give you continuous opportunities for the recreation of your outdoor space, providing you with endless options for creating an environment that’s perfect for you. 

Beautifying your yard by adding strategic accents and properly maintaining your landscape offers a cleaner, crisper look that will provide you with endless hours of relaxation as the eye-catching appeal of your spruced-up yard encourages you to spend more time enjoying the outdoor paradise that you’ve lovingly created.

A beautiful yard goes to waste when your home is desperately in need of new paint. See what we can do here!

3 Ways You Can Change the Feel of Your Home Without Major Renovations

Major home renovations cost you both time and money. You don’t have to take on the daunting task of remodeling your house when you can use small ways to update your space. Check out these three ways to change the feel of your home without major renovations.

Fresh Paint

The best and simplest way to change the feel and vibe of your home is to repaint it. Often, people become so used to the color on their walls that they stop really seeing it, and that’s especially true if they’re living in an all-white or all-beige space. A fresh coat of paint can completely transform a room, making it look brand-new to your eyes.

An easy way to add color is by choosing an accent wall that you paint a bold color, like dark blue or green. As long as it isn’t completely over-powering everything else in the room, using a bright or unexpected color for your walls can be a great starting point for your interior design. Make sure you are thinking about what the room will be used for and use color to set the mood.


One of the things that do-it-yourself decorators tend to overlook is lighting. Helius explains that the use of contrast, light, shadow, and color can have an extreme effect on any surface or home decor. You can use it to create a fresh look without much effort.

Some ways to update the lighting in your home range from the simple to complex. A new floor lamp can shine dramatic light and illuminate a living room in new ways. Overhead recessed lighting in a kitchen can transform a cave-like cooking space. There are also cool new technologies, like LED lights, that allow you to control the temperature and color of your lighting. Light can make a room feel hot or cold, as well as create different moods.

Expand Outside

A simple way to change the feel of your home is to expand outward. Pella describes how creating an outdoor room can make you feel as if you have invested in an addition when you really haven’t.

To build an outdoor room, all you have to do is add some thoughtful details to your backyard space. You can put down pavers or stones, add plenty of seating in the form of outdoor chairs and sofas, add a canopy or large umbrella or add lighting. An outdoor room will give you more space to relax in and will make your home feel bigger.

Don’t want to remodel your house? Try a fresh coat of paint, add lighting or expand outside in order to change the feel of your home without breaking the bank!

4 Home Improvement Projects That Will Reduce Homeownership Costs

If you discover that the expenses are much higher than you’d foreseen, living in your dream home can be frustrating. You may be looking for ways to economize. If so, let’s discuss some home improvement projects that could save you money in the long run. Completing them might help you prevent more costly repairs down the road. You should also see your electric bill go down.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat

If your home doesn’t already have a programmable thermostat, making a small investment in one can save you money. Homeowners who work during the day don’t need to keep the air conditioning set very low while they’re away. With a programmable thermostat, you can economize during the day and allow the AC to come on 30 minutes before you return from work. This will make your house comfortable while you eat dinner and relax in the evening.

Update Your Roofing

Although asphalt shingles are the least expensive option when replacing your roof, they also have the shortest life expectancy. On hot, sunny days, your roof turns into a gigantic heating pad, roasting even the best-insulated attics and upper floors. Much of your AC’s effort is wasted in a futile fight against this simple thermodynamic effect. You might want to consider switching to metal roof panels. Metal roofing is known for requiring extremely little maintenance. It’s more durable than asphalt shingles, and it can reflect solar radiant heat, so your home will stay cooler for less energy expended. Tile roofing is also an option. It will give your home a unique look, but these tiles are heavy and tend to break easily.

Add Insulation

Check the amount of insulation in your attic. Most people don’t realize how much energy in the form of heat and air conditioning they lose through the top of their home. Venture into the attic and make sure there is insulation between the beams and on the floor. Your attic might have blown-in insulation or foam insulation. You’ll need to measure the amount. If you don’t have enough or if you see moisture damage, you should take care of the problem quickly.

Paint the Exterior

A quick and simple way to maintain your home is painting the exterior. Weather and the elements can damage wood siding if it’s left exposed. You can update the look of your house and protect your investment at the same time. Curb appeal also adds value. If you don’t have time to paint, a knowledgeable company can do the hard work for you.

Don’t let your dream home go downhill. Follow these tips for simple home improvement projects that will not only save you money but also make your life more comfortable.

5 Exterior Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home

Today residents of Florida frequently search for ways to upgrade the exterior of a home to add value. This process usually enhances “curb appeal”. Consider investing in these five popular types of exterior repairs:

Power Wash The Exterior

Pressure washing residential exteriors, garages, driveways, walks, and patios helps remove unsightly grime and clinging, sticky debris from outdoor surfaces. It will help spruce up your property quickly. Consider utilizing this helpful cleaning technology! Today some companies offer regular power washing services at reasonable rates.

Image Credit: Lowes

Upgrade Landscaping Features

Most experts agree one of the biggest “bangs for the buck” in residential improvements involves enhancing landscaping. Sometimes simply placing flowering potted plants near a front door significantly augments the appearance of a home. Many horticultural projects cost little, yet yield significant economic rewards. In Florida, we benefit from optimal year-round growing conditions. Our warm climate and plentiful rainfall permit the installation of spectacular flowering displays. Aside from upgrading the horticultural aspect of your yard, you could add a paved entertainment or even upgrade your driveway, giving your home wonderful curb appeal that will be attractive to future buyers and will add significant value to your home.

Image Credit: Legion Landscaping

Add Window Well Covers

Adding secure window well covers and window well liners improves safety and waterproofing. Sadly, every year tragic accidents occur because young children or pets unwittingly topple into exposed window wells, often with damaging consequences. You’ll prevent these types of accidents by adding window well covers to your “must have” list. Augmenting window well liners in this situation usually makes sense, too. This upgrade may pay for itself many times over! Consider implementing this step today.

Image credit: Rockwell Window Well

Refurbish The Roof

Few modifications contribute as much to the aesthetic impact of a Florida residence as refurbishing the roof. If you’ve noticed badly aging, warped, damaged asphalt tiles on your home, of if you’ve discovered roof leaks on the property, consider installing a new roofing system as soon as possible. This is a slightly bigger project than the others on this list, so you may need a small home improvement loan to help cover the initial cost. But don’t worry — this kind of improvement quickly pays for itself!

Install Extra Outdoor Lighting

Adding exterior light to your residence will make your property more appealing to visitors during evening hours. It could also prevent some potentially expensive slip-and-fall accidents! Improving the outdoor illumination sometimes deters nighttime burglaries. Today a wide variety of attractive LED lighting systems make the installation of targeted outdoor lighting products exceedingly cost-effective.

Image Credit: Jpressone Landscape

Investing in your home’s appearance may help increase the enjoyment you obtain from your property. While residential exteriors differ, making some types of improvements often yields long lasting rewards. Consider taking this step today!