The Benefits of Painting

The Benefits of Painting

Painting is one of those things you either love or hate. For some, it is messy, dirty, and hard work. Yet, for others, it is blissful, an escape, and something to look forward to. We love painting, so you can guess which side of the argument we fall on. However, we realize not everyone is aware of the many mental and physical and health benefits painting provides. Whether it is painting your house, which is our passion, painting a model car, or painting on canvas, we think painting can help you in so many ways. Below are just a few key ways painting helps you physically and emotionally.

Improved Creativity

Painting is a creative process. Just by looking at the picture in this blog post, you can envision the imagination used to create such work. For those who are more creative, painting enhances creativity and keeps it sharp. For those more analytical folks, painting can help stimulate and improve creativity. Painting is especially important to children. While they are in the developmental stages, painting can help their brain development, which can lead to better academic and social success.

Improved Memory

Painting helps improve memory by boosting recall skills. This is why you will see painting classes for seniors or those with mental impairments widely available. Painting helps sharpen the skills of memory because as you paint you have to remember the patterns and strokes to use. This can translate into better memory at work or in life in general. Some research shows painting may help keep dementia away.

Stress Relief

This is one of the major benefits of painting. For some, painting becomes a trance-like experience where all the worries, fears, and external pressures of the world disappear as they get lost in the project. It is well documented that stress can be a contributor to disease. Releasing stress is good for everyone! It certainly does not hurt to paint outside in nature either, which can double the relaxation. Especially here in the beautiful Treasure Coast.

Feeling Positive

The cumulative effect of painting is feeling better about oneself. After working on a project, and seeing it in its final state, one can only feel excited and proud of themselves. Plus, when painting, you are doing physical movement and are engaged. This can make you feel good as well.
Oh, the Exercise

Painting burns calories, especially when it involves large spaces such as a room of a house. In addition, it will help make your muscles stronger, create muscular endurance, and perhaps some muscle tone if you do it on a regular basis. We know because we paint year round! Plus, when exercising, your body releases feel good chemicals to the body, which can help improve mood.

Other benefits of painting include the following:

● Release hidden emotions
● Increase emotional intelligence
● Improve mobility
● Increase observation skills

We love painting. We want you to love painting too. Painting can improve memory, make you feel better, and help you get some exercise. It is great for the growth of children, as we have seen in our own children who paint with us. So, if you want to get started experiencing the benefits of painting, contact us to see how we can help!