How to Save Money During the Home Renovation Process

Renovations can be small or huge, span a couple of weeks or last months or entire years, depending on your goals. No matter the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish, however, every renovator has one thing in common: you have a budget. In fact, you may even be searching for ways to end up spending less than your current projections for the renovation, and if so, you’re in the right place. Here are three ways to save money while renovating your house!

Budget Every Step of the Way

As so often happens, costs end up being higher than you think on some areas of the renovation as you go through the process. When this does occur, however, you either can continually keep expanding your budget or take the opportunity to re-budget for the next stages of the renovation. According to Elle Decor, if the new flooring ended up more expensive because of a really beautiful hardwood that caught your eye, you can mitigate the hit to your budget by replanning how much you’ll spend on furnishings, or only paint one wall in some of your rooms.

Do it Yourself

The internet is chock-full of renovation hacks, so why not take advantage? According to Pierce Design + Build, if you’re willing to do the research, a DIY renovation may be a good approach to some of the more pricey projects you’ll already be spending a lot on materials for. One way to make sure things still look professional is by watching videos, not just reading articles, so you can better visualize how to complete each step of adding a backsplash to your kitchen or carpeting bedrooms. You can also find a lot of DIY ideas that are custom and wouldn’t be completed by a professional without extra payment, saving you money on looking unique.

Choose Cheaper Materials

Have you ever thought a floor looked amazing only to find out it was made of wood-imitation vinyl? Or commented on a person’s gorgeous mirror only to learn it was from a thrift store? There’s a lot of ways to save money during the renovation if you are creative with your materials. Repainting kitchen cabinets instead of installing entirely new ones, for instance, according to Low Country Style & Living, is a great way to save. When you can, opt for the choice that is durable long-term as well, ensuring you won’t have to spend more money fixing it later.


If you’re prepping for a home renovation, it can feel like money is spilling out of your ears! With careful planning and a little elbow grease, however, you can do a lot of things to stay within budget. In fact, with enough thrifty, DIY methods, you might even go under budget!


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