How to Keep Your DIY Tools Tidy

During a DIY project, you’ll complete various tasks quicker if all of your tools are properly organized. If your supplies are currently scattered or disorganized, you can organize everything and maintain a tidy work space by following a few simple steps.

Painting Tools

In order to organize your painting tools neatly, you’ll need to take proper steps to clean everything effectively. Paint brushes must be washed immediately following each painting project. You should never soak a paint brush in a bucket of water because the moisture will damage the bristles. Instead, cleanse your brushes with a product that’s designed to dissolve water-based or oil-based paint. These cleansers can also eliminate paints that have dried on rollers, trays, and other painting tools.

Because all paint supplies are different shapes and sizes, certain items will take up less space in specific locations. Paint brushes need to fully dry after they’re washed, so you should store them on the wall. You can hang various brushes on a wall by securing nails on a sheet of paneling. Your paint rollers can air dry inside a tray, and you should store these items in a corner. Since paint cans can spill, keep all opened cans on a high shelf that’s firmly secured against the wall. If you position the cans so that the labels are visible, you’ll spend less time hunting for specific shades on paint.


The best tool organizer is the one you customize yourself, which is why foam organizers are invaluable. A foam organizer is an ideal product because it has customized slots for specific tools. Because the crevices are deep, tools stay totally secured while they’re docked in place. This accessory can hold wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, hammers, and more.

Screws and nails are very small and compact, so you’ll need containers with dividers for these items. In order to organize everything strategically, place labels on the side of each container. Labels can help you find flat head screws, Phillips screws, short nails, long nails, and more.

Craft Supplies

Craft supplies are easy to misplace, which is why you should organize all crafting items in a cabinet with multiple drawers. Each bin should have a clear housing because the transparent housing will make the process of managing inventory easier. Label each drawer and shelf clearly, and group things together by category.

These solutions can help you keep your project areas neat and tidy. If you need to rid of dirt and debris on floors in a project zone, invest in a powerful shop vac.

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