3 Things to Consider Before Painting Your New Home

Nothing is more exciting than a long-awaited move, but with the anticipation also comes the stress of how to make a new space uniquely your own. The good news is that a simple coat of paint can transform a room from dull to daring in as little as a few days. Before you break out the brushes, here are three essential things to consider.

Think Long Term

Paint is an inexpensive way to customize a space, but it’s not without effort. Additionally, looking ahead may prevent remodeler’s remorse. When you head to the paint store, think long term. Choose a fade-resistant product that covers well in few coats and stands up to regular cleaning. Washable paint can also be good for getting rid of marks on the walls; instead of needing to repaint, you could simply wash the offending area with soap and water.

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For color, a trendy shade that makes a bold statement may be tempting, but think twice. Today’s hot hues can look dated in a matter of months, while classic colors look good for decades and flow well with changes in furniture and wall art. If you’re on the fence between a light and dark shade, opt for light. An accent wall in a deep shade can add richness to a room, but it also makes a space look smaller. When it’s time for an update, painting over dark colors with lighter shades is tough.

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Let Your Children Have Input

Moving can be difficult for children, so letting them have some input on their new home can help ease the transition. Allowing your children to select their bedroom colors can give them a sense of control and help them feel involved in your new move. Beware, however, that colors affect mood, and glaring brights may not be the best option for a restful night’s sleep. Offer them the choice of color, but use your judgment and bargain down to a personal but soothing shade.

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Decide: DIY or Hire a Pro?

When budget matters, do-it-yourself painting is a bargain. It’s easy and, for some families, it can be a bonding opportunity. For others, however, the time it takes to get professional-level results takes its toll on family life, and an experienced painting contractor can get it done in a fraction of the time. This is especially true if walls need crack repairs or a specialty finish.

New paint makes any space look fresh, and a splash of your favorite color lets your personality show. Gather the family and some paint samples and get ready to make your new house a home.