3 House Painting Industry Trends and Why They Should Matter to You

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We live in a world of constant change fueled by shrunken cultural and physical borders. It is easier than ever to find new ideas and inspiration. No longer are we stuck going to the store to speak to an expert or reading a trade magazine to find out what’s new and upcoming. All we have to do now is use the web browser on our phone, tablet, or computer and the information comes at us like a fast-moving train. With so much information, it seems like every idea is a great idea and that everything you read comes from some form of an expert, even if it does not. With this in mind, we thought we would save you the trouble of trying to sift through endless amounts of information on your own. Below we present current industry trends in house painting that we think are notable and may just stick around longer than it takes to read this post. In addition, we highlight why you need to be aware of each trend.

Jack of All Trades

The age of specialty contractors is not dead. It is, however, in flux. With so many options for consumers to improve their homes, painters are looking for other ways to offer value through additional services. In fact, according to a Sherwin-Williams article on industry trends, “Faux finishing, staining decks, sealing walkways, waterproofing driveways and coating concrete are all possibilities. Some have even expanded into the role of remodeler.” So when looking for someone to do your house painting project, be aware of the fact that some contractors are going to try to suggest additional value services, which may or may not be needed. To combat this, be sure to get multiple bids on your project and ask questions based on some of your own research.


The way house painters market has changed. While word of mouth is still the best way for any business to gain new customers, the internet has changed everything. Word-of-mouth marketing now comes in the form of online reviews, which play a large part in how you make purchasing decisions. According to Search Engine Land, “88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” Reviews matter, and you should use them as part of your decision-making process. However, you also need to be very analytical in your decision-making process because more and more companies are turning to many online marketing strategies, which can cause confusion. From buying ad space on certain websites to social media pages, companies in the house painting industry are fighting hard to earn your business. And this effectively places you in the driver’s seat. A sleek website or a fancy logo means that the company has made some financial investment in getting your business, but that doesn’t always equate to high-quality work. To combat this, ask for a reference to former clients that you can speak with to get a better idea of who you are working with.

Color Explosion

Painting comes down to color selection. House painting companies know this, which is why they are going to use this as a major selling point during a consultation. An uninformed consumer may go along with the company’s suggestions. But in the Information Age, there is no excuse to be uninformed. Online tools like Sherwin-Williams color visualizer let you see what over 1,500 colors will look like on interior or exterior parts of your home. You can even choose a paintbrush type and so much more. You can use your own photo apps as well if you like. Even phone apps like Color Snap from Sherwin-Williams can help you get an idea of what you like. This is similar to buying furniture. You would want to see the piece of furniture in person and know how it would fit in with your decor before buying it. Paint is no different because of the sheer amount of varieties and how each type of paint works. The bottom line is that house painting companies may try to wow you with color selection to get your business since there are so many options and trends to choose from. Be sure to do your homework so as to not get bamboozled.

Getting your house painted in any way, shape, or form is exciting. You literally have a world of ideas at your fingertips. However, with industry trends moving faster than ever, house painting companies are trying to adjust and play catch-up to gain your business. From offering extra services to wowing you with paint options, the competition is fierce. Your best protection against this is to get multiple bids and educate yourself. In this manner, you will ensure you make the best decision for your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss any of these trends and how we use them to improve the painting process.

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