Could your home use a little more texture?

IMG 0142 - Could your home use a little more texture?

Feeling like your home décor is falling flat?

If you’ve carefully picked out furniture, poured over paint swatches, but still feel like something is missing, you could be forgetting one key piece of the decorating puzzle: texture. Oftentimes, it’s is an afterthought when we’re making our decorating plans, but designers know that it’s key to bringing a room to life.

If your home is in some serious need of texture, don’t panic! There are plenty of easy ways to add life to any room. Rugs are a great way to do this with a single piece. Whether it’s patterned or Persian, made of wool or faux fur, large or small, any rug will instantly make a room more dynamic. Plants also give a room texture, and they’ve got a bunch of other benefits as well, including purifying the air, sharpening focus, and improving health. Make sure to get plants that are suited to a room’s lighting, otherwise, you might run into problems keeping them alive! A mirror can also add some variety and character to a room, while also adding dimension at the same time.

Those are just three out of the many ways to add texture to any room. If these techniques don’t fit with your home’s style, check out Better Homes & Gardens’ guide on how to weave texture into any décor style. Though it may seem like an intimidating design challenge, adding texture is actually one of the simplest ways to improve the look and feel of any room in your house.

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2 replies
  1. Seth R.
    Seth R. says:

    My wife is having a hard time decorating our new home. I let her decide everything but the basement and my office. One thing she can’t make her mind up on at all is paint. I was trying to find some advice to help her out and seen this post by you guys. We will be needing to hire someone to come in and do the paint when she picks a color, do you do special requests? I think she has an idea of using a few different colors in the main room and kitchen.

  2. Ethan Green
    Ethan Green says:

    I have been looking for options to update my house and I only recently started considering the paint as a factor. Texture is something I never thought to bring in but I am going to take your advice here. Is this something you all do at Jaworski Panting? I am no painting expert so I may need someone to come in and do the hard work. I have quite a bit of updating to do including my kitchen cabinets which are in need of a severe update.


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