How to Add Value to a Deteriorating Exterior

The exterior of your house is one of the most important parts of your property because it’s the area that guests see first when visiting. Although the exterior can begin to look neglected over time, there are ways that you can transform the environment and allow it to stand out. You need it to look good in case you want to sell the house or if there is an inspection that is necessary. If you want to add value to your deteriorating exterior, there are a few essential steps to take as a homeowner.

Fix the Siding

The siding is one of the most prominent parts of the house, and its condition really influences the overall feel of your home. If you have damaged or dirty siding, not only does it lower the value of your home, it can also leave you vulnerable to larger problems with your house and its structure. When replacing the siding, make sure you match the new siding to the old. Nothing looks tackier than a patch of really nice, new siding that is surrounded by a different style. If you can’t find an exact match, it may be worth it to just replace all of your siding.

Repair Old Features

Beyond your home, many features nearby can contribute to your home’s curb appeal. Even if your home looks great, broken or dingy features around your home can drag the look down. If your mailbox has seen better days or the driveway is cracking, you need to get those fixed. Not only does it look bad, but these things also present a safety hazard. If you live in an area that has extreme temperature changes, driveway cracks can go from minor nuisances to huge problems in just a few days. It’s better to get these things fixed while they are still small and manageable.

Install a New Fence

Having a fence that is good repair increases your curb appeal and your security. If you are looking to replace your fence, the most important thing you should look at is what the fence is made of. Wood fences may be classic, but they can be difficult to install, and they deteriorate fairly quickly. On the other hand, vinyl fences stand up better under weather conditions, and you can build your own fence pretty easily. If you want the classic wood look, but don’t want the maintenance that comes along with it, you can use vinyl that looks like wood.

Paint the Front Door

The front door can become the focal point of your exterior if you paint it with a bold color shade that has contrast with the rest of the colors of the building. If your paint is fading, peeling, or cracking, it needs a touch up or fresh coat of paint. A bright front door is considered to be trendy and will also allow the house to stand out in the neighborhood. Some of the top color shades to consider are black, yellow, and red.

Although it can be easy to become embarrassed by your house’s exterior, there are ways to dress it up and enhance its beauty. With the right materials used and upgrades performed, you can increase the appeal of your home and allow it to have more value.

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