Wild Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom

Wild Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom

Did you realize that the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your house! In fact, according to Infographics Archive, we spend over 2 ½ years of our life in the bathroom. This includes showering, shaving, brushing our teeth, cleaning the bathroom, doing makeup, putting on ointments such as moisturizer, reading, getting dressed, talking on the phone, and watching TV, just to name a few. That doesn’t include time actually using the bathroom! With all that time spent in the bathroom, why not make it a fun place to spend that time. We have some ideas and tips for you on how to make your bathroom more enjoyable.

Make it Fun

Ever go to the bathroom of a bar or restaurant and see the sports section of the local paper hanging up or wallpaper you have to read? That certainly makes time spent in the restroom more fun. Find some wallpaper that has comics on it, put up some paintings where you have to find that hidden object, or hang up a book or two to read while you are brushing your teeth. Try to make it fun!

Proper Ventilation

This should be obvious, but we thought it was worth the mention. Ensure when you have proper ventilation. This is not just important because of the smell that follows a good bathroom visit, but when you use chemicals to clean and aerosol sprays, those fumes need a place to go. Proper ventilation ensures this happens.

Use Durable Paint

Your bathroom takes a beating. You bang up against things, chemicals get on the wall, moisture occurs, and so much more happens in the bathroom. Ensure you use durable paint, especially around glass, ledges, and windows. This is because you may have candles burning on the window sill, blinds going up and down, and windows opening and closing. You want to ensure the paint you use will last. Consider using a durable semi gloss or gloss trim paint that can handle the beating. Plus, consider paint that reduces dust and grime build up.

Light it Up

When you wake up, it is a good idea to expose yourself to bright light. And since the bathroom is probably one of the first places you go, having the right light will matter. Plus, it plays a large role in the way the walls and ceilings look. This is because the light levels and shadows in the bathroom are constantly changing. Consider using natural light if you can. If you cannot, consider fixtures that will provide nice bright light. Be aware that this may expose issues in the texture of the wall, but those can be easy touch-up fixes.

Accessorize and Go Nuts

Nothing says bathroom like lots of small reading material. Consider keeping some books with 101 ideas or comics to have nearby. Also consider candles, towel racks, storage devices, and other little touches that can make a bathroom pop. Consider things all the way down to how your trashcan, toothbrush holders, and wall color all match and work with each other. It’s the little details that make the difference!

Going to the bathroom can be fun again when you create a bathroom worth going to. This involves some humor, creativity, and considerations, but it can be done. We have seen some bathrooms we love. And we encourage you to go wild, even if it means doing something similar to the image at the top of this article. If you want to see how we can make your bathroom great, contact us today!