Why Windows Are More Important Than You Think

Windows are a great accent to any home. They can add a lot of character to a property. However, how you pick and install your windows should be far more than just stylistic. There are many other ways that windows are important to a home besides just looking nice. 

Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed that it is colder by windows during fall and winter than in other parts of the room? This is because a considerable amount of heat is lost through windows even when they are completely closed. 

You can buy more energy-efficient windows today which are engineered to reduce heat loss. This means that your heating system won’t have to work as hard to warm your home, so you will save money and energy. 

Let in Natural Light

One of the main purposes of windows is to let natural light into your living space. Even if your home has a lot of artificial light, it is still good to have windows. Natural light has different effects on the body than artificial light does. 

Letting more natural light into your home can improve your mood. It is especially important to have windows in rooms where you spend the most time like your bedroom or living room. To ensure privacy throughout the day and especially at night, make sure that you have thick curtains or blinds to block out any unwanted light or attention. 


Of all home burglaries, 23% of robbers enter through a window. To help prevent theft and stay safe in your home, it is important to have sturdy windows with locks. If your windows are older, check to make sure the locks are still functioning properly. Additionally, look out for gapping and areas where burglars could easily get in through your windows. When you go into a different room, be sure to lock your windows and draw the curtains or blinds. This is especially important if you live alone or if your windows are on ground level. 

Windows are not a major feature of a home, so it can be easy to overlook them at times. However, windows add a lot to a home and should be paid careful attention to. Being more conscious of what materials windows are made of and where they are in a home can make windows a more beautiful, functional part of your home. 

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