What to Think About Before Entering Your Attic

Entering your attic isn’t usually something you look forward to. After all, it’s the spooky place where things go to get forgotten and left behind. But before you bravely venture into this unknown space, there are some potential dangers that should be considered that can cause health problems or even structural damage within a home if not properly dealt with. In this article, we will explore what these common issues look like, how to identify them and how to safely remove them from your home.


If you haven’t been in your attic for a while, then it’s likely you’ll encounter a lot of dust. Dust can be bad for your health in a variety of ways; it contains microscopic particles which, when breathed in, can cause a range of respiratory diseases and allergies. These include asthma, hay fever and other allergic rhinitis. Dust mites and animal fur can also aggravate existing conditions like asthma. It’s a good idea to wear a protective mask when dealing with any kind of dust in your attic, as well as gloves and protective clothing. If you get the chance, vacuum out your attic so you don’t have to worry about it the next time.


While you venture up the attic, be sure to observe for any tiny droppings. This is a common warning of potential rodent infestation and requires immediate attention. Pests dwelling in your home can result in various unpleasantries like health hazards or even destructive damage that could cost you an arm and a leg. Rodents are notorious for gnawing through wood, wires, and insulation to create their own habitats within your roof space – both noisy and expensive if this issue persists without action! Attics are often home to rodents that can spread disease, so make sure you have a good pest control system in place to keep your attic free from vermin.


Mold is often found in attics, thanks to their typically warm and humid environment. You may recognize it by the green, white or black substances that appear on walls and furniture – this mold can cause a plethora of health issues if not treated promptly. Inhaling its spores might lead to respiratory problems as well as allergies; furthermore, failing to remove it could result in permanent damage to your home’s structure – potentially resulting in costly replacements instead of repairs! If you come across any signs of mold inside your attic space, ensure you have expert professionals inspect and treat the area with utmost haste; otherwise, much more than just wood rot may be irreparably lost.

The next time you journey into the mysterious attic, keep a lookout for these items. With some caution and wisdom, you can remain secure and healthy while investigating any room in your house – including your spooky attic!

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