What to Know about Preserving Your Hardwood Floors

Quality hardwood floors are gorgeous. They add a sense of luxury and class to virtually any room. Part of the challenge of having hardwood floors is keeping them as nice as possible. 

Unless you take steps to preserve them, your hardwood floors may become scratched, dented, and chipped by exposure to shoes, paws, children, and even dirt. So what should you do to preserve your hardwood floors?

Seal Them

Sealing your hardwood floor helps protect it against humidity, foot traffic, spills, and impacts. Start by sanding and staining the hardwood and then decide what you want to use to seal your floor. If you choose oil, remove any dust and debris with a damp rag. Then, beginning in a far corner of the room, pour oil onto the floor and then move a rag in the direction of the floorboards in a 2×2 foot section to work the oil into the floor. Once you’ve covered the whole floor, let it dry for 24-48 hours and apply a second coat.

If you use a polyurethane sealant, pour it onto the floor in a line starting at the wall farthest from the door. Make sure the wall runs parallel to the flooring. Use a flooring applicator to spread it from one wall to the other, keeping the applicator on the floor at all times. Continue the process until you’ve covered the whole floor. Let it dry before repeating the process two more times, following the manufacturer’s directions.

Clean Regularly

Stained hardwood floors are worth preserving with a little bit of effort. Regularly and properly cleaning your hardwood floors is essential to preserving them. Wipe up spills immediately. Vacuum them frequently and use a moist microfiber pad when mopping. 

Avoid using too much water when cleaning, as that can warp the floor. Don’t use cleaners with vinegar, ammonia, wax, oil, or polish to avoid finishing problems or etching or dulling your floor.

Proactively Prevent Damage

Minimize damage by preventing it. Apply felt pads to furniture feet and keep dog nails trimmed. Insist on a no-shoes policy on your hardwood, especially in the case of heels or cleats. Place doormats around doorways to prevent even more dirt from making its way onto your floor. This will reduce the scratches and dents your hardwood floor suffers. In addition to these protective measures, pay attention to the humidity levels in your home. Florida is well-known for its high humidity, coming in at 74% relative humidity on average. 

Hardwood floors, especially those made from solid hardwood, don’t do well when exposed to excess humidity. Take steps to keep your home’s humidity levels low enough to preserve your hardwood floors for as long as possible.

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