What to Do When Property Renovations Aren’t on Schedule

Embarking on a property renovation project can be both exciting and daunting. While the end goal is to improve your living space or increase property value, running behind schedule can cause stress and uncertainty. What do you do when renovations don’t go as planned? Here are some steps to consider.

Give Yourself More Time

The first action is to allow more time for the project. It’s common to underestimate the amount of work required for a renovation, especially if you’re dealing with multiple elements like painting, plumbing, and electrical work. While every painting company, including us in Florida, aims to complete projects on time, it’s wise to plan for some wiggle room. When setting an initial timeline, add an extra 10 to 20 percent to your estimates. This gives you a safety net, making it easier to adapt when inevitable delays occur. Extended timelines can help reduce stress and avoid making rushed decisions that you might regret later. Having a flexible schedule can also make it easier to accommodate the availability of quality contractors.

Stop Where They Are

When your renovation project is significantly delayed, you might consider halting the work where it stands. While this should be a last resort, it’s an option that can save both time and money in specific circumstances. For instance, if you find a critical structural issue that will require extensive repairs, it may be prudent to pause and reassess your priorities. However, keep in mind that selling an unfinished property can be difficult through traditional means. If you choose to halt renovations, make sure you can deal with the consequences, whether that means living in an incomplete home for a while or revising your selling strategy.

Manage Expectations

Managing expectations is crucial for any renovation project. Everyone wants their property to look like something out of a design magazine, but the reality can be quite different. Discuss the scope of the project, timeline, and costs in detail with your contractors. Keep lines of communication open, and don’t hesitate to ask for regular updates. A digital project management tool can help keep everyone on the same page. Platforms such as Trello or Asana offer features for tracking progress, allocating tasks, and setting deadlines. Consistent check-ins with your contractors also foster transparency, helping you to nip potential delays in the bud. In terms of budget, always have a contingency fund. If you find rot while ripping out cabinets or discover that the walls require additional prep before painting, these hitches will require extra money. A contingency fund can smooth out these wrinkles, helping you keep the project moving forward without severe interruptions.

While delays are frustrating, they are often an inevitable part of the renovation process. Allowing extra time, knowing when to pause, and managing expectations proactively can keep your project on a more even keel. Keep open communication with your contractors, maintain a realistic budget, and don’t hesitate to take a step back when necessary. These practices will help you navigate the complexities of property renovation more effectively.

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