Unconventional Features that Can Help Your Home to Sell

There are a lot of factors that can help you sell your home. From curb appeal to general home improvements, you’ve probably tried everything. One often overlooked factor that can help your home sell is the unconventional features you add. These features can give your house an edge that will help you find buyers.


Large Bathtubs

Having a large bathtub can attract buyers for several reasons. First of all, a bigger bathtub gives off a sense of luxury and wealth. Having a large bathtub shows that you can afford it. Additionally, larger bathtubs are easier to relax in. If you have a regular-sized bath, some people may not be able to comfortably fit, especially if they are tall. All in all, it’s just nicer to have more room so you can accommodate anybody and take a comfortable bath. Of course, a large bathtub can also fit multiple people. This can be nice if someone wants to relax with their partner or if they need a way to entertain the kids.


Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves are great for any home, but they are especially beneficial in smaller homes. Having a built-in shelf allows you to use your space more effectively. You can even incorporate space that would otherwise be unused. Built-ins are also great for decorating and displaying items. You also don’t need to worry about the shelves getting bumped or knocked over. They are secure and so is everything on them. Built-in shelves are very useful features and many buyers will be attracted to them. If you want to make your house stand out, you can add other built-in features such as desks, entertainment centers, and even cupboards. Any unconventional ways to save space will be appealing to buyers.


Propane Tank

There are many energy sources you can choose from, but if you’re looking to increase the value of your home you should consider using propane. Having a propane tank is a great way to save money on your home. Propane prices are fairly stable, which can help you save money. Propane will also save you money because it is a very efficient fuel and you won’t have to pay such high energy bills. It is also readily available at convenient locations and it’s unlikely there will be any shortages. Adding a propane tank to your home will benefit you now, but it will also be a major selling point to potential buyers. Emphasize how much money it will save them.



Many people like to entertain and enjoy their backyard. With a patio, that becomes much easier. A patio will act as an extension of your indoor space and it will provide a designated area to congregate and spend time outside. It’s also easy to customize patios. You can add a cover to block out the sun and you can even create an outdoor kitchen. Adding outdoor furniture makes it even easier to entertain and keep everyone comfortable. To top it all off, patios are very easy to maintain. Most buyers will appreciate the addition of a patio. Consider adding a patio to your backyard and explore other outdoor living space options as well. Some other ways you can improve your outdoor living space are by creating walkways, adding outdoor lighting, and maintaining your landscaping.


Double Kitchen Sink

It’s becoming very common for homes to have a double kitchen sink. Having two sink bowls provides many benefits but it mainly creates more space. You can designate each bowl for a different purpose. For example, one side could be to wash dishes and the other could hold a drying rack. You can also designate a side for soaking dishes, washing produce, using the garbage disposal, etc. If you don’t already have a double sink, adding one can help attract buyers who appreciate having more kitchen space. However, if extra space is more of a priority than having two separate bowls, you could simply install an extra-large sink.



Mudrooms used to be very common, and their popularity has recently spiked. A mudroom is essentially a room that separates your front door from the rest of your house. This is a place where people can leave their dirty shoes, wet coats/umbrellas, or any other items that you don’t necessarily want to enter the main part of your home. Another added benefit of mudrooms is they can be multifunctional. For example, some people will also use them as a laundry room. This is an especially smart choice since it’s likely a lot of dirty clothes will be left in the mudroom. Your mudroom can also be used as an extra storage space. If you have pets (or if your buyer has pets) this could be a good place to install a washtub to clean off dirty pets before they come into the house. It might be costly but adding a mudroom to your home will provide a unique feature that could attract buyers.


Heated Floors

This feature is expensive, but it is well worth it. With a heated floor, you don’t have to depend on an air conditioning system. Radiant heated floors can heat the entire room and keep it at a comfortable temperature. Additionally, there will be no noise from an air conditioning unit and there is virtually no maintenance. You also don’t need to worry about allergens circulating in your air. One of the biggest selling points is that heated floors will save money on energy bills. This unique feature can be a major asset in selling your house. It will be expensive, and the floor will need to be replaced, but heated floors are a worthy feature to add to your home.


Selling your home can be difficult and there are many things you can try to help your home stand out. As you continue to do so, you might want to look at more unconventional features you can add. These features can help your home sell and provide a unique experience for future homeowners.

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