Tricks to use when painting a bathroom

Paint is an excellent surface choice for a bathroom. Painting is a great way to add character and charm to any bath. However, while painting is a wonderful option, it can also be quite tricky in bathrooms. Many bathrooms have cramped and close corners that make it hard to fully cover the walls . A bathroom may also host other items in the room that can make it harder to do a professional job. Hard to reach areas in the room such as large mirrors and existing closet racks can be difficult to paint. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks can make this process much easier. Professionals know how to paint a bathroom here are some easy tips to help you follow their lead and get the look you want in your bathroom with far less.

The Start
The first thing to do is remove as much as possible from the bathroom. Take down all pictures. Remove all shower curtains. Place your linens, toiletries and other items in another room. While you may be tempted to put everything in the middle of room, keep in mind that the smaller area of the bathroom makes this inadvisable. You will need to have room to work as you paint.

Toilets are a delicate item. They’re made of porcelain. It can be surprisingly hard to remove paint from porcelain and it can be just as difficult and time consuming to move the toilet as a whole. Therefore, you will want to protect the toilet as you work. Place an old blanket around the whole unit and let it fall behind the toilet to completely cover it. Butcher paper is also easy to use and can be placed against the back for a further layer of protection against paint spills.

Use Tape
Tape is your best friend when you’re painting the bathroom. Use tape to protect the other items in the room as you paint. You want to tape all the items that you can’t
remove. This includes the room’s baseboards, to toilet paper holder and your towel rings. Tape lets you get a crisp, professional edge as you paint. It will also protect the surfaces in the room from any accidental drips. However, when placing the tape be sure that the tape line is slightly overlapping the existing paint line as to completely cover any old paint.

Put The Mirror Away

Mirrors are an integral part of any bathroom decor. But a mirror often has a highly detailed frame that can easily be damaged by painting. The best thing to do is remove the mirror before you start to paint. If the mirror is closely attached to the wall, it can be difficult to remove, you may just need to cover over it as you work. Mirrors can also be protected with butcher paper and tape.

The Right Roller
It is a good idea to have all the tools you need for the job on hand before you begin. Don’t overlook the need for rollers in varied sizes. Larger rollers are useful for big areas. However, the smaller rollers will make it easy to get paint in awkward corners and get the polished look you want.
With careful attention to detail, it’s easier than ever to paint your bathroom. You can get a great look in the room with only a few simple tricks.

Caryl Anne Crowne is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for Re-Bath.