Staging Your Home To Sell It Quickly

Staging Your Home To Sell It Quickly

Perhaps you have lived in your home for a long time and are moving. Or perhaps, you are flipping a house to sell. Or, perhaps you are handling the estate of a loved one. No matter what the reason for selling your home is, the process can take a short amount of time or longer. That depends on a number of factors, including market conditions and if you are doing it alone. According to The Balance, in an in-demand market, it can take 10 – 21 days on average to sell a home. Among the many tactics used to sell a home, including where and how you list it, staging your home can make all the difference between a short sale and a long sale timeframe.

While you may think your home looks great the way it is, it is not how it looks to you that matters. How the home looks to the buyer is what matters because that is who your target market is. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make your home look as good as possible for your potential buyers. And this is exactly what staging does. When selling a home, it is hard to let go of the sentimental value and time spent in the home or working on it, but you have to in order to get the price you want. While there are many home staging secrets, we think these are the best of the best to help you sell your home as fast as possible.

De Clutter

This is the hard part. You have most likely accumulated a number of items over the years. None of that matters now. When you hire someone to come in and stage your home, about half of your furniture will likely go. The less furniture you have, the more open the house will feel, which makes it look bigger too. Help the stager and yourself by taking a hard look at what you and do not need, and start dwindling down your clutter.

Organize Your Furniture

There is a misconception that pushing furniture against the wall is a great way to create open space. However, the opposite is true. You will want to group your furniture so it is away from the walls and allows for a nice flow of traffic. Repositioning sofas and chairs in conversational groups makes the space feel larger and opens it up. It will make it seem easier to use as well.

Cross House Reorganizing

Just because you bought an item for one room does not mean it has to stay there. When getting ready to sell, you can move furniture to where it may work best. For example, a nice desk by a window with a cute lamp on it may look great while an armchair in another room by the window with a side table may look even better. Play around with your furniture and accessories to see what goes best where.

Repurpose Rooms

Have a room that is meant to store junk? Have a room that belonged to one of your children that is half office and half their old things? You will want to take rooms like these and turn them into something that will add value. And it does not have to be anything special. You can throw down some nice mats and some exercise equipment to make one room an exercise and meditation room, for example.

Light it Up

We grossly under light our homes, but a well-lit home can feel warm and cozy. You want 100 wattages of light for every 50 square feet of space. Also, make sure you have multiple sources of lighting. In fact, you want at least three: ambient (general or overhead), task (under cabinet or pendant), and accent (table and wall).

Some other ideas for staging to sell:

● Paint adjacent rooms the same color to make them look bigger
● Paint with natural colors to make it more appealing
● Do not be afraid of dark paint in the bathroom, dining room, or bedroom as they make it more intimate
● Hang your art in varying positions rather than a straight line to make it noticeable
● Mix the right accessories to make a room more appealing

We love painting, but we love seeing your home sell fast too. Call us today to see how we can help get you in touch with the right stager or we can paint to help you sell fast!