Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Vibrant

Brightening your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a huge difference in the space with some simple updates and new accessories. Review the ideas below for an easy update to this hardworking area of your home. 

Add a Backsplash

Updating the backsplash of your kitchen used to mean tile, mastic, and grout. However, today there are many changes you can make to a backsplash that won’t require you to wait for tile mastic to dry. For example, many metal tile lines can be applied via peel and stick or in large panels. This can mean a quick backsplash that can radically change the look of your space. When updating a backsplash, look for waterproof materials. Backsplashes can protect against liquids and give your kitchen a fresh look without a big renovation.


Updating the paint in your kitchen can be done quickly and can make a world of difference in the space. When working on your kitchen or your cabinets, be ready for some prep work. For example, the dust in your kitchen that may have settled on trim may contain moisture, so cleaning it up will likely take a degreaser and an extra rinse. If you want to give your cabinets a facelift, be prepared to rough up the surface with fine sandpaper and prime the cabinets. Another option is to pull the doors, paint the cabinet framing and replace the hardware before just cleaning and reinstalling the doors. New cabinet and drawer pulls are also a great option for an inexpensive kitchen rehab.

Accessories and Accents

If you’re going to update your kitchen, why not add a bit of artistry? For example, coffee lovers will enjoy creating a kitchen tool hanging bar comprised of a narrow towel rod and some S hooks. Simple DIY projects can turn your kitchen workspaces into homey spaces that you will love spending time in. You can also take a trip to your local discount store and treat yourself to towers in a variety of colors. These towels can be folded and stitched into pouches that can be relined with old, stained potholders or sections of towels that have seen better days. 

Our kitchens and baths see use every day, and yet many of these rooms are left until last when they need to be renovated. By choosing simple projects that you can do quickly and on a budget, you can easily update your kitchen space with a minimum of expense and disruption.