How to Use Accents Colors in Your Home

An accent color is a color that is used in small amounts to create an interesting design. If you want to add color to your home but get easily overwhelmed by large washes of color, using accent colors might be right for you. Accent colors are an easy way to add playfulness and style to a home without looking childish. 

Paint an Accent Wall

Instead of painting an entire room a bold color, you can choose to paint an accent wall instead to add intrigue. When you paint an accent wall, you don’t just need to do a plain wash of paint. You can paint simple patterns like stripes or circles to add extra interest to your wall. 

Before painting patterns on your wall, you might want to consider what shapes are already present in your room. If your room has more angular elements, you might want to go for an angular pattern. Similarly, if your room has more organic or curved elements, you might go for a curving pattern. 

Paint Your Front Door a Different Color

Decorating with accent colors doesn’t have to be confined to just the inside of your home. You can add accent colors to the outside of your house as well to make it stand out from the road. The front door is the first thing that people notice about your home. 

If you paint your front door a different color, then, people are bound to notice it. Painting your door can be so iconic that people will easily remember what your house looks like even if they don’t visit often. 

Use Artwork

Artwork is a very simple way to add accent colors to your home. To install artwork, all you have to do is hang it up or display it. Additionally, you can choose artwork that conveys something about your personality for more intrigue. If you want to use more meaningful artwork, you could have a talented loved one complete a piece for you or even try your hand at painting or sculpting. 


The great thing about accent colors is that they don’t overpower a room or entire home. By choosing accent colors to style your home, you aren’t taking away from the original beauty of the home or its structure. Instead, your accent colors can beautifully highlight parts of your home you want to show off. 

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